Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cyril And Tina And Marleen Today In The Amsterdam Woods.

Cyril And Tina And Marleen.

My birthday plans have been well and truly pissed on this year, no birthday party not in bed, a mega disappointment.

I am unsure I will be alive for my next year’s birthday party, I want to, but it may not be up to me.

I want to be here so very much, especially with my absolute darling Richie, I still can’t believe my great fortune to meet him here in Amsterdam, in April 1989.

Amazingly despite a tiny set back, when I misunderstood a chat up line, about being told not to eat crisps in my condition.

When I enquired about the type of condition, he told me I was fat; he seemed surprised when I left banging doors.

I even returned twice to see if he realised his comment had upset me, as I wasn’t happy he did, I left and went home fuming.

Once there I phoned him and demanded that he came to see me, which he did right away; good man.

Years later we often laugh at this and many more of my darlings unique endearments, which I am so happy to be still enjoying years later.

Haven’t I been fortunate to find the love of my life and my soul mate and best friend, Richie.


soulful sepulcher said...

Yes, you have been fortunate Herrad, and I hope you celebrate your birthday together, cooped up in bed or not! Happy Birthday (early) Herrad!! HUGS

Pretty Zesty said...

Lucky to find your match. Sorry I've been MIA. I love your emails. ~kris

Webster said...

Don't feel too bad, Herrad, My DH hasn't even given me a birthday party ever - even when I asked for one for my 55th.

IMO, I think Richie got a pretty good deal with finding you, MS notwithstanding.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

This is so maddening about being stuck in bed and so sweet you and Richie have each other. love, mary

janis said...

Truly Blessed.
Sometimes we find our blessings hiding in mercies.
Im sorry I have been so MIA. we lose a dear dear friend to MS this past month. John fought a good fight for 25 years. I remember at the time my wedding, John had been complaining that he wasnt feeling up to par... He was diagnose at age 28. He fought MS like the champion he was, for 25 years. This from our incredible physical fun Italian mafia type friend. Who use to make us laugh as he walked on his hands. Incredible muscular shape, a body builder & champion boxer. The last few years have been most difficult for him. This past year, he became very private... refusing to allow his friends to see him. (Although Hubby & the other guys did manage to convince him a few visits). He particularly refused women friends to see him, as he told the guys, I want the ladies to remember the strong buff John... not what I appear in this bed.
My admiration & ability to understand more of what he was going through came from my couple of years reading your blog. John didnt tell us much about it. Reading your passages became so important to me & Hubby in understanding John as well.
I okay now. I had to step away from reading to mourn. John was a wonderful Blessing that made me laugh till I peed... He will always be a part of me and sure of my Hubby whom enjoyed a 40 year friendship with this wonderful man.

As you approach this Birthday, please know, that you have truly touched so many of our hearts. I love you dearly Herrad. and admire your strength and wisdom. Happy Happy Birthday my Dear! Sweet Richie is lucky to know you and I am sure he will make your Birthday Grand♥

Herrad said...

hi stephany,
hi kris,
hi webster,
hi mary,
hi janis

thanks for all your support and good wishes.