Thursday, March 15, 2012

Basjoe time with James, Jaya and Herrad

Basjoe time with  James, Jaya and  Herrad

Writing about the Basjoe got me drifting off in my  thoughts about that lovely coffee shop and the two men who owned it from 1989 to 2011.

Going there for as long as we did, meant we got to know James and Leo quite well, as well, as the other people who were also regular visitors, just like us.

Because of the wonderfully relaxed atmosphere created by James and Leo it was remarkably easy to enjoy interacting with them all.

Every time we went there we were fortunate to meet nice people and enjoyed talking to them it was a treat going there for as long as we did, it was 18 years of pleasure.

18 years of being treated well by the two hosts  and their many lovely customer, it has been a wonderful experience, truly unforgetable.


harkoo said...

Looks like a wonderful place......

Travelogue for the Universe said...

I love coffee talk! have a great weekend.Love, Mary

Herrad said...

hi harkoo,
it was a lovely place.

hi mary,
you would have loved it there, and enjoyed talking to all.

thanks you 2 dear friends for coming by.