Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Visit From Milou

Zdzisaw Beksiski

Tomorrow Milou, the nurse from the Rehabilitation Clinic will be here to see if the tear in the old scar is healing well.

Sadly it has not healed up yet, nor has Richie said it is nearly getting there,
so I have to remain optimistic.

Not an easy thing to do, especially after I had stay in bed for nearly two years with a deep pressure sore.

Really it is not easy for me to stay cheerful and not hang my head and give in to crying.

Luckily for me Richie looks after me so well, he keeps me happy despite all my pain and discomfort.

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Webster said...

I'm sorry this "small tear" is taking so long to heal up for you. I'm sure it has you sitting all wonky again, too, which will prolong getting out in the chair even longer. Well, if your weather is anything like mine, it hasn't really been warm enough to want to spend my days outside, yet.

Maybe next month will bode better. One can only hope.