Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Friday, 2 February, 2012. I can get through this healing process alright.

Friday afternoon I had a friend to visit; it was an excellent moment, for a much needed visit, especially from a good friend like Anja.

It was really good to see Anja, but then it always is a pleasure to see her here, I really did need a boost to lift my spirits, and it did.

Being back in bed has been a very nasty shock; I am trying my best to remain positive.

I am hopeful, that the tear in the old pressure sore scar, will heal in weeks that it won’t take much longer, not like last time.

Anja’s visit helped to take my mind off of my situation, seeing her and catching up with her news was good.

Her daughter has won a scholarship to study at Berkeley, in San Francisco; Anja is going to visit her there on 19th march until 29th march, how exciting for them.

Friday really did me alot of good, and I hope that the boost I got will be repeated so that I can get through this healing process alright.


Jen said...

I hope that your wound heals sooner this time, Herrad. You are a very strong lady and a very kind soul.



Herrad said...

hi jen,
thanks for your support.