Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to me tomorrow

Tomorrow, amazingly it is my 61st birthday, this year just like every year I am surprised at how quickly it is the17th March.

This morning my first surprise was that the door bell rang and it was a flower delivery person, Richie went down but would not tell me who it was.

He did no such thing, not until he got back with a gorgeous bunch of flowers, and then no sooner than Richie, had put the flowers from Gareth and Paul in water.
When the bell rang again and this time it was presents from Gareth and Paul, very exciting opening it, inside was a lovely glass necklace, lemon body lotion, yummy chocolates, and Dave Clark five cd.

Then no sooner than I was oohing and ahhing over those goodies when the bell went once again this time it was a present from Anja, four pretty lipsticks, two red, one purple, one plum.

A very exciting beginning of my day, and who knows what tomorrow will be like, I hope that I will get lots of birthday cards and e-mails, as well as lots of phone calls.

I know one person who I know will phone me tomorrow, my auntie Sigrid from Vancouver, Canada, I know because we talked about it today, when I called her to ask if she would phone me then.

I can’t hardly wait, still not long now, just a few hours and it’s all over until next year, I will enjoy tomorrow that’s my plan.

And I am looking forward to it very much, happy birthday to me.


Tracey's Life said...

Happy Birthday to you Herrad - I hope you have many more!

Judy said...

Happy Birthday!! May it be a wonderful day.

Che koala said...

Yay Herrad - yr birthday is arrived here already :P

oooh looks like I get the privelege of being first here to offer birthday salutations in cyber space.

Sounds like a wonderful start to a wonderful day for a wonderful person. Wishing you a gorgeous day and year ahead.

Much cheer

KParthasarathi said...

Happy Birthday to you
Many happy returns of the day
Sent you greetings by mail
Have a great time

*Ellen* said...

I hope your day will be pain free and filled with laughter sweetheart ! <3
(¯`•´¯).•´(¯`•´¯).♥ Happy Birthday! ♥
..` •.•´(¯`•´¯).....★。/|\。★

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Happy Birthday Herrad!!! Love from sunny warm Vermont, Mary & Fred &cats

soulful sepulcher said...

Happy Birthday Herrad!!!!

Unknown said...


hope you had a great day!

Ana said...

Happy Birthday Herrad!

A little late but I wish you all the best!


Herrad said...

hi tracey,
hi judy,
hi che koala,
hi kp,
hi ellen,
hi mary,
hi stephany,
hi s.s-o,
hi ana,

thanks for all your good wishes.