Friday, August 13, 2010

As Ever The Optimist.

Man Ray.

Went to sleep pretty easily last night, especially after the two drunks finished their tins of strong beer and moved on, one went off on a moped, hope he got home safe as did anyone he passed on the road.

Today started very promisingly with gorgeous sunshine and blue skies which lasted an hour when thick clouds obscured the beautiful blue sky.

Not long after the rumble of thunder announced yet another thunderstorm and lots of rain which rather put a dent in the day.

Was really hopeful that today would be the day to go out and visit the market, I am not so keen in a thunderstorm especially one that has drifted off and come back again.

When will it be over and do I want to get halfway up the road only to have to rush home to get back in the dry.

Guess that I shall have to work that out for myself and soon too, going to discuss this with Richie, see what he thinks.

It does not look like the clouds are going to drift away again and reveal the beautiful blue sky and sunshine that I know lies behind the thick grey cloud cover.

Tomorrow is the farewell party for our lovely neighbour Willes at the Fijnout theatre across the road.

It starts at 16.00 so think I will go over then and have a chat with Willes and check out what the theatre looks like.

Hope they will have made it look very nice for her, especially as she worked so well as a volunteer for them.

Shame that she is no longer living in the neighbourhood, especially when it is so much heir’s.

Still hoping for sun, as ever the optimist.


Joan said...

Hope you manage to get out today inbetween the showeres. We had that kind of weather all week yesterday being the worst day. We were in St Andrews and the showers were torrential. Sunny today for a change been sitting in the garden with the coffee pot and hubby. lol. Take care and have a good day. LOve Joan

Webster said...


It sounds like you're gonna need a raincoat. Just put it on backwards (lol) and it will keep your front side covered and dry - also is easy for Richie to put on and remove as needed. What do you think?

This Saturday through Monday here it is predicted to get to 90+F (32C)! I'm really looking forward to that! [NOT]

Keep being an optimist, because the sun will come out before the weather turns for good. You know it will.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Have a great weekend.Sunshine and fresh air follow a storm! Love, Mary

Herrad said...

Hi Joan,
Sadly it rained all day, hope it gets dryer soon.

Hi Webster,
I am looking for a fleece lined cape.
Good idea but I do not fancy a raincoat on back to front.
Maybe one with wide sleeves.
It is getting cooler and wetter here no sign of sun or warmer temperature.

Hi Mary,
Sunshine usually follows rain but here that is a very rare occurrence.

Thanks you three dear friends for coming by, good to see your comments.