Saturday, August 28, 2010

Enjoying Any Independance I Can.

Claude Monet.

Slept well last night did not wake this time in the early hours calling for an extra blanket as I have done since the beginning of the week.

It is already cold enough at night for us to start sleeping under duvets again; this was quite a shock last night.

Amazing to need duvets on the 27 August, because of the hot weather last year it was end of October last year before we needed extra warmth.

This morning started well with beautiful sunshine which soon made way for dark clouds and thunder and lighting and lots of rain.

This cycle has been repeated several times; Richie went out around the block with the dogs and said it was cold despite the sun.

Oh well the end of our summer and the start of spring in New Zealand and Australia, heard from my good friend Jeannette from NZ telling me about the first signs of spring there.

Sadly when they came to install the software on Tuesday they left the back of my wheelchair open.

This apparently is exposing wires which means that going out in wet weather could affect the wheelchair badly, it could actually stop working.

Richie has rushed around getting the shopping done before the next huge deluge which the gathering dark clouds seem to promise.

Despite the weather and lots of spasms and pain I intend to enjoy today very much, my darling Richie is making chicken curry for me tonight.

Looking forward to dinner later and watching some good football, watched a DVD on Wednesday Little Miss Sunshine which I enjoyed very much, especially switching the DVD player on and off.

Enjoying any independence I can and hoping for more with the intercom for the front doors of the apartment and the building.


Tracey's Life said...

Good for you with your attitude Herrad. I know it may be very frustrating at times. I hope that you really push for the intercom issue to be resolved in short order. It is a safety issue and you have to make them understand that it is not a want - rather a NEED! I would also hope that they come back to finish the job on your chair by Monday.

As a caregiver, I get frustrated when others do not do their job correctly, as a user of those services, I cannot imagine the frustration you must feel.

Hang in there!

janis said...

We are starting to have some fall breezes too finally. So hot in the day and a coolness in the air by evening.
The air condition is off and the cool breeze with our windows open are giving me a pleasant sleep. Adventure with escaping kitties though this morning (come visit me @ Just Breathe Janis for a chuckle story.
Hope they cover the exposed wires soon! How dreadful!
I love the movie Little Miss Sunshine. Silly little movie. I found myself watching Marley & Me last evening instead of cleaning the house or doing the many things begging for my attention. That was a good flick too.
Have a Blessed day!

Joan said...

Although we like hundred of miles north of you it is getting cold at night here too. Needed my crocheted blanket last night but it is fine during the day at the moment. ope you get you wheelchair fixed again soon don't want the rain getting in and with all the showers just now it sounds likely. Take care Love Joan.

Have Myelin? said...

I get frustrated too when these "little things" don't get done because these are BIG THINGS to us.

It is a need like Tracey said.

soulful sepulcher said...

Hi Herrad,

What a shame about the chair being left that way, incompetency wouldn't happen if that person had to use the chair!

Isn't Little Miss Sunshine a great movie? quirky and real life not just sugar coated.

Have a happy Sunday!


Herrad said...

Hi Tracey,
Thanks for your encouragement, sadly it will take awhile to get action about the wheelchair.
Very frustrating indeed.

Hi Janis,
I hope so too, but think it will take time.

Hi Joan,
It is getting quite cool at night and lots of high winds and rain.
Hope that I get help soon with the wheelchair.

Hi Sherry,
It is very frustrating indeed feel growly about this.

Hi Stephany,
They were keen to get it all done in one day instead of two shame as cutting corners is never a good idea.
Enjoyed Little Miss Sunshine, great characters all of them.

Thanks you five dear friends for coming by good to get your comments.