Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some Independance Now More To Come I Hope.

Eva Gonzales.


We were both awake at 08.00 this morning, first Richie had a shower and then he showered me.

We were both ready for 10.00 when we were expecting the two people who were coming to install the remote controls.

They arrived at 10.25 and worked through until 15.15m when they left I had a new gizmo either on my wheelchair or when not in the wheelchair dangling over my bed.

I can make calls with a hands free phone, at the moment only in the front room, there I can open the front door and in the hall the balcony door.

Richie seems to have solved the problem and now I can make calls from the bedroom which is good.

From the front room I can open the main entrance gate sadly there is no intercom so I can not find out who is at the door.

I can adjust the bed and I can turn the light one in the bedroom and several in the front room and I can turn on the TV and DVD player.

So some pluses and some minuses, hope that any other little bugs can be sorted out as quickly as Richie sorted out the phone.

I immediately sent a mail to my occupational therapist and my case manager asking them for intercom so that I can open the door safely.

Typically they have spent a lot of money on this system but saved on the intercom function.

Which means it is not safe for me to open the door unless people can phone me and say they are at the door.

So still a way to go before all is 100%, no worries just like our terriers I do not give up easily.


Libby said...

good for you! keep after them!!

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

Love the independence you're gaining back!


Webster said...

What wonderful news Herrad! And now all of your calls will be conference calls with Richie too, if he wants to join in. LOL Who got the first call - oh yeah, your case worker! Too funny.

Now for an intercom a the front door. (Does the door face the nighttime rabble-rowsers? i.e. the theatre your lovely window faces.)

Herrad said...

Hi Libby,
I will no worries about that.

Hi Stephany,
It is good to get back some independence.

Hi Webster,
It is good, my first call was to our friends Cecile and Marianne.
Hopefully the intercom will happen soon.

Thanks you three lovely friends for coming by, good to see your comments.