Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ever The Optimist.

Gertrude Abercrombie.

Dreary grey sky again this morning without even a tiny glimmer of sunshine to be seen anywhere after Richie did my leg exercises.

My legs were not too stiff and tense this morning which was good, Richie picks up each leg in turn, he holds my ankle and lower leg and supports my knee.

Then he lifts my leg towards my head as if I were cycling, he does this once with both legs, then he massages both legs from foot to top of thigh.

After that he lifts both legs in turn, then he carefully places legs in a good position and puts feet up against foam bolster at the end of the bed.

This stops my feet from collapsing to the sides which results in my feet pointing down in the wheelchair.

Which also causes problems with footwear; it seems that if my feet are not braced against the bolster, it would increase the time my feet slip off to the side.

Feet hanging or pointing down is not good, the other thing Richie do is to reposition the long cushions I rest my arms on while sleeping.

He squashes them up and use them to keep my knees from flopping to the side which is not good either as it stop my knees being flexible.

I had done most of my arm exercises before Richie did my leg exercises, the only ones I had not done was the one with the handles over the bar over my bed.

Enjoy that exercises as it helps me to stretch out my arms, excellent thing to do not long after waking up.

Especially good to counteract the cramps and the feeling of having a strait jacket around my arms and shoulders.

After the exercises and my calcium/vitamin D tablet I sit up using the beds handset, once I am sat up Richie uses a small long cushion to prop me up on the right.

This stops me slumping too quickly to the right side and it has been very effective, but it does need to be regularly checked and adjusted so it gives me the maximum support that I need

Briefly the sun came out and the thick cloud cover lifted so the blue sky became visible, this did not last for longer than 30 minutes before big clouds drifted by and massed up to form a big grey cloud cover once more.

Hope the sun and the blue skies happen again, for a short time it was so pretty outside makes me hope for more sunshine today.

Ever optimistic.


GoBigGreen said...

We have grey and cloudy today too, cooler as well. Richie sounds like a wonderful caregiver, physio, cheerleader and more. Ruby's smile is up on the blog wishing you a happy day.

Jo said...

I'm sure many people reading this learned some great exercises for their immobile loved ones.

Wonderful post!

Hoping the sun comes out for you! :)

Been thinking of you -- happy to be back in blogland,

ρομπερτ said...

A lesson for and of life. Thank you. Please have you all a good Thursday.

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

Have a nice Thursday!


Herrad said...

Hi Julia,
Richie is a very good caregiver.
It is very changable weather here as always.
Ruby's smile is gorgeous as is yours.

Hi Jo,
Good to see your comment, the sun popped up briefly.

Hi Rober2t,
Lovely to see your comment too hope you are surviving cthe heat.

Hi Stephany,
Think today will be verey good, hope yours is too.

Thanks you four lovely friendsa for coming by and making my day even better.
Have a pleasant day.