Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hoping For Sunshine This Afternoon.

Paula Modersohn-Becker
German Painter, 1876-1907


Slept well until we were both woken up at 02.00 by Spike, who is obviously feeling better as every day or so he starts to walk around again at night.

Richie took quick action and put him straight out of the room and we both slept once more which was good, could hear that Richie was asleep just before me.

Actually quite enjoyed waking today as my arms did not get as cramped and did not feel like they were as tightly folded.

Mind you it still felt like my arms were bound up in a straightjacket but without the cramps and feeling like the straps were getting tighter.

I could stretch them relatively easily by holding on to the trapeze handle over my bed; I pull my shoulder off the mattress 12 times x 3.

Then I get Richie to loop the trapeze over the metal bar it hangs from and hang the two handles on a plastic cord.

Holding onto each helps me stretch my arms well, I do that at the beginning and end of each set of exercises by stretching my arms.

It feels really good to do these stretching exercises, now I have the handles on the plastic cord I feel my arms can stretch easier.

Much better to have the handles to hold onto, I did try and stretch my arms without any props but now it is more effective with the handles to assist me.

Sadly there is no sign of the sun yet today, all I can see is a dense grey cloud cover which
does not seem to be lifting right now.

But you never know what will happen as the day progresses, the cloud cover could lift and drift off very quickly.

Once this low weather front has passed over us a high is following behind which will bring sunshine and warm weather.

I am going to be optimistic and hope for a sunny afternoon today and pleasant warm weather.


steve said...

Love the music, Herrad.

Forecast is for sun on Thursday. Will 19C be warm enough? What about all those people who need to meet you? You know, the ones you haven't met yet who think life is all doom and gloom and need a good swift kick, er, need a push towards happiness. Can they wait until Thursday?

You've got enough sunshine inside you to keep you warm.


Herrad said...

Hi Steve,
Thanks for the weather forcast, sun and 19c sounds good to me.
Sometimes the sunshine inside gets dimmed by this shitty disease but you are right it does keep me warm.
Lovely to see your visit and lovely comment.

Webster said...

Be careful what you wish for. I am cold today, and it is 19C/67F. But it is supposed to be 32C/90F by the weekend! Egads! I will love it. I will hate it too. LOL It's just that when I am cold, as has been the case just about all of this year, my spasms act up. When I am too hot, I can always put on a cooling vest and sit by a fan.

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

I hope this finds you feeling good in the morning after a restful night's sleep.

I'm glad your arms gave you a break on Tuesday.

We've had some rain here for a few days, was nice to clear the air, now it's warming up again.

Been going to the dog park in the evenings, wish you and Richie, Spike and Marleen could be there. It's even wheelchair access friendly!

It's nice to think of the dogs playing happily, and all of us talking together.

In the meantime, hope your Wednesday is a good one.



Stephany said...

PS--Hello to Steve in the comment section! I hope you are fine too!

steve said...

@herrad - The light you give off in person is stunning. I just want as many people to see it as possible.

@stephany - hello to you too! Back to living an ordinary life.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
Up to now it has not been warmer than 19 c with a cool wind.
Yesterday it rained all day.
It is supposed to get warm from tomorrow but I think that summer temperatures are over now and we are heading for an early autumn.
Hope I am wrong.

Hi Stephany,
I agree with you I wish we could all be there together too.
We had rain all day yesterday, it was cool and dreary.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your really lovely comment feel quite shy and speechless.
I too hope I can get out soon and get the chance to meet people I do not if it will happen but hope it will.

Thanks you three lovely friends for coming by, good to see your comments.
Have a pleasant evening.

Herrad said...

Hi Steve,
Sadly the forcast was not for here, we have not had sunny and 19 c here.
We had a few minutes sun followed by rain.
Still raining now plus a cool wind.
Wonder what it is like tomorrow.
Have a pleasant afternoon/evening.