Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hope For A More Peaceful Night Tonight.

Alfred Sisley.

Really noticed that the Fijnhout theatre was open again as after the performance they partied until around 04.00.

Around midnight it was quite quiet but the later it got the louder the music got, every now and then the theatre door was opened so people could no doubt smoke outside.

They all shout at each other and being involved with the theatre their voices carry, more so because it was late.

It is amazing what alcohol does to people, guess in the past that included me too, as alcohol makes one louder and more prone to arguing too.

Shame the people from the theatre can’t be more aware that they are not in the town centre but right in the middle of a residential street.

Right opposite people’s bedrooms, horrible trying to sleep with people sounding like braying hyenas at 02.00 in the morning.

Perhaps they would not be shouting to each other after midnight if they were more aware of their surroundings, but it seems not.

Amazingly this theatre is a nice middle class enclave, if it had been working class the police would be there issuing them warning, but they can get away with their ‘artistic exuberance’.

I can see that we will have to endure many more disturbed sleepless nights like last night, makes me hope for torrential rain.

Be good on the nights the theatre is open so no one can hang on the street after midnight, shouting at people next to them and shrieking.

I feel abit like a killjoy but surely it is not too much to ask for quiet certainly after 02.00 at the weekend.

Had to take half a sleeping tablet which sadly did not get me off to sleep as quickly as I had hoped it would.

Eventually it worked I know it did because I woke up and it was mid morning, we are both still very drowsy, hope tonight will be more peaceful.


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

I hope you both get restful and peaceful sleep tonight!


ρομπερτ said...

wow ! over here the trash is collected at about that time and for years now I wake up nearly every night - much understood the entry of yours, wishing you all a good start into the new week.

Webster said...

could you write to the theatre and ask them to be quiet on the street after 0200?

Ana said...

When the same happens here in Rio we use to say "it does not happen in any other country of the world!"
"if it had been working class the police would be there issuing them warning"
The police intervene when it is in a working class neighborhood?
I think it only happens in Amsterdam!
Hi sweetie Herrad.
You are always on my mind and heart.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Last night it was the rain and howling wind that kept us awake.

Hi Robert,
In Central London they also collect the rubbish at 04.00.

Hi Webster,
Have sent emails but never get a response.

Hi Ana,
Seriously if they were working class and black the police would be there alot.

Thanks to you four dear friends for coming by really good to see your comments.
Have a good week.