Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Very Favourite Auntie Sigrid.

Auntie Sigrid, my Dad and her dogs, Senta and Duchess in Trinidad.

Marie Bracquemond.

My post yesterday was the story of my life and the situation and constrictions of the past two years in bed

It has been very difficult being in one room all day and night; lying down so much has been extremely bad for my torso muscles.

The way it happened is horrible; it is a catch 22 as I had to lie down because the wound could not take the pressure of being sat on.

I have a mattress a Nimbus 3 which constantly adjusts the pressure so I am not lying on a static bed which would also cause pressure sores.

The mattress’s noise is a very low humming noise that does not disturb me at all in fact it often helps me to sleep just by listening to it and not thinking of anything.

Not sitting was bad for my torso muscles which became inactive and no longer hold me up; the adaptation of the wheelchair seat has made a mould for my body which holds me in place.

Richie has to place me in the chair just so otherwise I need lots of adjustments; some days he gets it right first go.

Yesterday it was quite a sticky muggy day with thick clouds and no sun and all day the threat of a downpour.

It was very close and for awhile I thought it was just me but turned out that Richie was also quite wiped out.

Because it was so sticky it meant that I needed constant adjustments in the chair and in bed too, this got to me yesterday.

Richie explained that it was the weather knocking me out not my MS doing nasty things to me.

Once I realised this was all influenced by the weather I felt much better and could enjoy the day and evening sitting in the wheelchair.

Got a call from my auntie Sigrid in Canada, lovely to hear her voice so full of life in her late 80’s.

When I told her that I was out of bed and in the wheelchair she was happy and asked when I would be walking again with a cane.

She just does not want to accept the truth that I can not walk and will never do so again, she knows people with MS that walk so why can’t I ?

Been trying to explain this to her since 2007, sometimes she understands but then the next time she will hopefully ask if I am walking again.

I try to keep patient and sweet with my favourite auntie but its difficult also for her, I am her favourite niece.

She came to Trinidad in 1952 on a goods steamboat, when I was just becoming one to help my mother who had a tough post birth depression.

Auntie Sigrid became my happy mum the one who took me around and helped and encouraged me.

She so wants her favourite niece to be well, I think she is frustrated that she can not do anything to help me.

Because of this my, only option is to answer all her questions gently and carefully and let her know that I love her very much.

My favourite auntie Sigrid is a priceless treasure, she always has brought sun and fun whenever she visited.

Even now it makes my day hearing from her.

The singer Charles Haddon jumped to his death after a concert in Belguim on Friday.


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

Glad you had a nice phone call chat, though she doesn't want to understand the reality, of not walking again, it's good to hear her voice and remember sunny days w her to life your spirits.

It's cloudy and a little rainy here today.

Hope you and Richie have a nice evening, HUGS to both of you.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
The phone call was lovely it always brings back happy memories.
She means alot to me, she was more my mother than my poor mum could be.
We had a pleasant evening.
Hope yours is too.

Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings my friend.....
Glad to read that you were able to speak with your aunt - some people just put a light on your soul that carries you through.

I will have to go back and read that other entry (about your life) that you spoke of. You are blessed you know even with all your challenges as Richie seems to be a treasure and so patient, most men would not be as graceous as he. He deserves a spa day. Bless you Richie for taking such good care of my girl.

Have a wonderful week you two....oh and your dogs....

Herrad said...

Hi Rhapsody,
You are right every time I speak to Auntie Sigrid I have a smile inside and out.
Richie is a darling, he looks after me so very well.
We love each other so very much.
Thanks for coming by and leaving your sweet comment.