Thursday, August 12, 2010

Great News.

Kazuya Akimoto.

Sadly no sun yet of sun today, as was predicted on Tuesday, shame but no worries as we have plenty of sunshine indoors.

Ton came to see us today; he called me yesterday just after I had posted to postpone his visit until this morning at 11.30.

He was here precisely on time and after greeting the dogs he came in to see me; Richie told him that the skin looked good.

Then he closed the curtain and rolled me towards the wall and pulled my leggings down so Ton could see the skin over the old wound.

When Ton inspected the site of the old wound, he was very pleased with the condition of the skin, he said it is excellent best ever and looks like the rest of my skin.

That was wonderful news for us both, news we have been hoping to hear for ages and now finally we have heard it.

Ton was very pleased and approves that I am building up my sitting time slowly, everyday an extra 30 minutes.

Yesterday I sat for three hours and today it will be for three and a half hours if all is well it will be four hours tomorrow.

And by next week Monday it will be for six hours, Ton says once I can sit for six hours then I will be able to sit for longer.

I am over the moon at this news as I had not expected to ever be able to sit for most or even all day once more.

So Ton telling us that once I can sit for six hours I can sit for much longer was truly wonderful to hear.

Unbelievably wonderful, so today I will take it easy indoors and sit for three and a half hours and if all goes well I should be able to sit for six hours next week Tuesday.

I shall still increase my sitting time by 30 minutes a day as I am convinced that is the best way for me to go.

It certainly is the most sensible course of action and one I hope which will keep me safely sitting for a long time.

Feeling very happy about this news, it is the best news for years, very happy that I will be sitting on the 21 August on the day two years ago when I had to stay in bed for 24/7.


soulful sepulcher said...

Hi Herrad,

Here's to lots of 6 hours a day sitting! I hope it opens up much more for you now, moving about this way.

YAY you did a great job being patient and working on being positive.


Bibliotekaren said...

Woot! Glad to hear it.

Take care,

Amrita said...

Happy to hear this Herrad. I wish you a speedy recovery and healing

Webster said...

Great news Herrad! Now if only the sun would cooperate you could go outside again. Don't forget the camera, Richie! We want pictures of Herrad at the market, or at the dog park, or just on the sidewalk!

You could have a celebratory dinner on the 21st!

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Amazing news that I can sit for so long, brilliant!!!
Looking forward to it tremendously.

Hi Donna,
Isn´t it good, will take care, you too.

Hi Amrite,
Lovely to see your sweet comment.

Hi Webster,
It is brilliant news, sadly the weather is not cooperating, looks like it could turn nasty any moment.

Thanks you four dear friends for coming by.
Lovely to see your comments.
Hope you have nicer weather than here.

Joan said...

that is great news so glad to here it. What a difference it will make to you life beds do get so uncomfortable after a while. Keep up the good work. take care Love Joan

Herrad said...

Hi Joan,
It was brilliant news, really good to be able to get out of bed at last.
Thanks for your visit.