Thursday, August 05, 2010

An Experience Wiser.

Dendrobium Orchids.

Would like to warn everyone about a website called Serenata Flowers .

I found the site on Sunday, they claimed to send flowers, chocolates and vases to International destinations.

This was a wonderful discovery as we wanted to send flowers to a dear friend in Edmonton, Canada.

I placed an order for pretty flowers, chocolates plus vase and paid via Pay Pal, after I placed the order I thought that was it, until we heard from our delighted friend on Wednesday.

Sadly things did not go so smoothly, as various problems happened, such as the flowers I had chosen were not available in Canada, despite being on the page for Canada.

I had to choose again and again, each time my choice was not available in Canada.

This happened 5 times all with links sent to me by the Customer Service Representatives.

The next disappointment was that the chocolates and the vase I chose were also not available to Canada.

Because all this took most of Monday and none of my choices were available I was offered a more expensive bouquet at no further charge plus a clear glass vase.

I got the final confirmation on Tuesday that the flowers would be delivered on Wednesday with vase.

Wonderful result after a lot of stress on Monday and 25 mails sent to Seranata Customer Service.

Yesterday I assumed that all was well and the bouquet of roses and lilies would be delivered and be a pleasant surprise.

The only surprise was the one that I got at 20.00 pm last night when I received a mail from Serenata that my friends address was not in their Canadian partner’s delivery area.

I could not believe this after all the stress and seemingly endless mails, trying to get a result on Monday, to get such an unpleasant surprise last night when it was too late to do anything was horrible.

There was no mention of a refund or apologies just that my order was cancelled, end of story, but not for me.

I sent a couple of mails requesting the immediate repayment of my money and expressing my disappointment at the non delivery of flowers.

This morning I got a mail from one of the Customer Service Representatives I dealt with offering his excuses and a 30% discount on my next purchase:

‘’ Dear Herrad,

I am so sorry for ‘the disappointment of the florist informing us they could not deliver. Not being familiar with the country ourselves we would not be aware of this, but I am in agreement that we should have been informed sooner to give you the opportunity to make alternative arrangements.

You will of course be refunded in full - my colleague is actioning that now for me.

I would also like to offer a discount voucher off any future orders you may place. Please enter the discount code ND30PC0802 for 30% off any order.

Once again, my sincere apologies.

Customer Services
Serenata Flowers
0800 047 0310 (from UK)
+1 866 563 3212 (from USA)
+44 207 100 5825 (international) ‘’

Here is my response:


Thank you for your mail, this has been a truly horrible experience, the only good thing after all the stress on Monday was the confirmation on Tuesday, that our friend would get a lovely surprise on her birthday.

You do not need to know the country, but it is of paramount importance that you know where your partners in Canada can deliver to, so you can provide a good service.

Which certainly is not the situation now, I will not be using the discount voucher as I do not feel confident to use your website ever again.

I think it is a shame for you and your excellent colleague Charmaine, you have my sympathy for having to work in such a disorganised environment.

I will be letting all my friends and acquaintances know of my experience and will blog about it later, as I would not want anyone else to be so disappointed.

ps The refund has been received on my PayPal account.

So I have my money back would have rather have had a bouquet delivered for our dear friend’s birthday instead.

Ah well at least I have learned something, which is find out if the address can be delivered in the first place.

At least I got the intelligence I needed to know, I won't go there again.


Webster said...

Well, shame on them and good for you for doing so much to follow through on this. Isn't PayPal great? No mail order business would stay around for long without them.

We're actually having several warm, but not too warm, days in a row! But this weekend it back to the 60s F. Alas.

Muffie said...

So sorry you had to go through such an experience. It can be so frustrating doing business online sometimes. Glad you gave them a piece of your mind!

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
Thanks for your comment, still can not believe that after all the mails and stress on Monday that they could let me down like they did.
The website and organisation is a mess hope that no one else will get let down.

Here it has been cooler since the World Cup finished, lots of thunderstorms and rain and overcast days plus a cool wind.

Hope you have a pleasant day Friday and weekend.

Kris said...

Your response to them is AMAZING! The fact that you apologized to them for the fact they are working in such a disorganized environment is GENIUS Herrad, it's GENIUS! I am saving that for later. heheheee

xxoo, Kris

Herrad said...

Hi Muff,
I am glad I gave them a piece of my mind too.
Never had problems like these with any other website.

Hi Kris,
Thanks for your lovely comment.
I genuinely felt sorry for them, must be horrible wanting to help customers in such chaos.

Thanks you two dear friends for coming by, I once worked at a Call Centre, at a Help Desk for a website provider.
Where we had to answer the phone quickly and the script was to ask three questions to determine whether the problem was for the customer to resolve themselves. If yes terminate call without giving the caller any chance to tell to heir story or have the chance to help.
I did not like it, was not my idea of a Help Desk.
Have a pleasant day.