Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I am looking forward to sitting again at the weekend.

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Woke up from a deep sleep I took a low dosage sleeping pill so that I could sleep without thinking about my bottom and what Ton would say.

When I was awake I was extremely cold, for the first time sleeping under a duvet cover was not enough usually when the weather is good I build up quite a lot of warmth but it seems not last night.

Not surprised as the blue skies and sunshine has made place to dull leaden clouds and torrential rain.

So no wonder that I was so cold when I woke, without the sleeping pill I would have woken up in the middle of the night asking for a blanket.

As soon as I was fully awake I realised that there was no shred of warmth under the cover my whole body felt like ice.

Now I have a fleece blanket over the duvet cover and a shawl around my arms and I feel much better.

Ton Peeks has just been and reassured me that it is not a new wound which would indeed require months of healing.

It is he says where the skin around the old scar was recently damaged and a little piece of that skin has been removed.

Both Ton and Richie think the strapping for the hoist caused this when he pulled it down around my bottom.

This confirmed what Richie thought on Sunday that the action of pulling the strapping under my bottom caused the skin to be pulled off which explains why it was bleeding so profusely.

If the injury had been caused by sitting the day before Richie would have found dried blood in the bed and that was not the case.

Ton says this does happens sometimes and requires even more care; Richie has already adapted how he puts the straps on me.

Now he lifts my right buttock and gently slips the strap under me, this is ok in bed and in the shower chair but there is no such option in the wheelchair.

Hopefully Richie will find a way to achieve the same result, which I am sure he will as he has found a way around every problem

I am so relieved by the news that t is not a new wound but the result of another tiny piece of previously skin being removed.

Healing has already happened but it is not totally healed over there remains a two millimetre gap, the size of a small nick in the skin.

Ton even reckoned that I could sit today but I told him that I would rather wait until it has totally healed.

Ton approved that and said he though that it will be healed by the weekend and I could sit then.

What a huge relief this is for all of us even the dogs who had noticed the atmosphere being different since Sunday.

Yippee!!! I will be sitting this weekend and I do not have to be back in bed for months, hated the idea that I would be in bed on the 21 the 2nd year since I first had to stay in bed.

That was a terrible thought glad it is not a reality, glad it won’t be too long before I sit again, glad Tom approves that I wait until it is totally healed over.

I would rather wait a few days until it is totally healed, as I do not want there to be any reason for anything else to happen.

I remember 2008 when I got problem three or four times and each time it healed quickly and I sat again, without any problems.

Only to be told on 21 august that I had to stay in bed, when Ton discovered a new bigger wound.

While the surface of the wound was small the wound was very deep, in total it was ten cms deep.

That took from 21 August 2008 until 7 October 2009, 14 months of lying in bed and seeing and feeling my torso muscles turning into pudding.

There is no way that I want this to happen again, it is reassuring to hear that this latest setback is skin damage of sensitive skin that was damaged by excessive moisture.

Ton thought it was a combination of sweating due to 30+ temperatures for more than two weeks and the catheter leaking.

I am looking forward to sitting again at the weekend.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Glad to hear the news and that you are doing OK. Have a great week. Love, Mary

Muffie said...

Yipeeee! Oh, Herrad, what a joy it was to read this. I was beginning to think about how another setback would be so devastating for you. This is so great and I am really, really happy for you. Look out Amsterdam -- Herrad is back!!

steve said...

Your chair certainly looks like a challenge for lifting. The molded seat doesn't leave much room to slip the sling in and out. Maybe a two step lift? First lift from the shoulders using a strap under the arms -- just high enough to slip the full sling under your bum. Then lower, remove the arm strap, and pull the full sling up behind your back.

If Ton doesn't think there is any danger of a pressure wound forming, get up! You are going to get cuts and scraps. They come with the territory.


soulful sepulcher said...




So glad about this for you and Richie. What a relief!


Bibliotekaren said...

So glad to hear this! Am hoping to hear reports of sun on your face again soon.

Take good care,

Webster said...

So. Are you saying I can stop crying for you now? It's safe for me to stop?

Was thinking of what Steve suggested - and trying to visualize it. Wouldn't pulling up the sling from behind still pull on your skin? Or do you sit on the sling when you are in the chair?

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
Good to see your comment.
Hope your week has been good.

Hi Muff,
It is great news hope to get out soon.

Hi Steve,
Great idea but sadly not workable would cause to much strain on shoulders and chest/ribs.
Tried something similar when my body was in better shape and it hurt too much.

Hi Stephany,
Big relief for us all.

Hi Donna,
Hope to sit in the sun soon too.
You take care too.

Hi Webster,
Please stop crying it is getting very damp here.
Richie lifts each buttock and slips the strap under and that works well.

Thanks you six dear friends for coming by good to see your comments.
Ton's assessment was wonderful to hear.