Monday, August 09, 2010

Exciting Perspectives.

Nell Blaine
American Abstract Expressionist Painter, 1922-1996

Sadly the weekend was not pleasant, a real shame especially because of the Gay Pride Boat Parade which took place on the wettest day of the year.

This is an event that is eagerly awaited by many, costumes and boat decorations are planned a year in advance and a lot of hard work goes into making it all happen.

Glad that it still took place despite the rain, which got less before the start and luckily even stopped at times during the procession down the Prinsengracht.

I was very happy that the weather did nothing to diminish the event; I read and heard from friends that the party went on regardless of the weather.

With lots of happy people in skimpy clothes dancing on the boats and thousands of spectators taking photos and enjoying the colourful annual spectacle.

Very glad that the summer weather seems to have come back today; it was good to see blue skies and sunshine once again.

Makes me extremely hopeful that my trip to the market at the end of the week will be pleasant and the weather is warm and sunny summer weather.

I really needed the sunshine today, especially as I was suddenly feeling down, I even cried abit and told Richie I felt pointless.

He cuddled me and comforted me by telling me that this was not true, that I was a lovely woman who he adored and who made lots of people happy.

That was good to hear and of course I do not really feel useless and without any point, but occasionally being so handicapped really gets to me big time.

It was lovely sitting in the front room until I started to feel frustrated that I can no longer say ‘’ I am off up the shops’’ and go there independently.

Feel like a caged bird, I am well looked after and life is good but I am no longer free to come and go and be independent.

It really is not easy to deal with glad I told Richie and cried and did not try to keep the tears and pain hidden.

Now I feel better, feel like my usual optimistic self once more, now the tears are gone I am looking forward to seeing friends and having trips outside.

Richie wants us to have a party as soon as I can sit for long enough, I love the idea think it will be lovely to do.

Hope we can do have a party when Gareth and Paul are over visiting Amsterdam in September.

That would be glorious, an exciting perspective for the near future and exactly what I needed.


Stephany said...


I agree with Richie, you are a wonderful woman who makes others happy.

Feeling like a caged bird, indeed, and a party will be a lot of fun and a good memory afterward!


Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for coming by and leaving your sweet comment.
Big hugs to you.

Peace Be With You said...

You are a wonderful person, and it's okay to feel down because of the limitations imposed on you. I mean, this is major stuff, not just a sprained ankle. Your courage and indomitable will are beacons for the rest of us. Thank you for sharing your journey with the rest of us.

Gareth said...

Watcha H@R, glad to hear the sun showed up to cheer up ya day. Yes its so much better to voice your fears once they are voiced they become tiny, still there but with out the scarey power. O dear a wet pride no dout they partied hearty though.
What somebody mention a PARTY YES YES YES wwe,er in.

Webster said...

Hi Herrad,
It's good to give voice to our frustrations and fears and bad moods; I think it takes their power over us away. Glad you did, and that you are feeling better for it. A party! Sounds brilliant. Richie comes up with some good ideas, doesn't he?

Herrad said...

Hi Judy,
Thanks for your visit and comment.
Sometimes my situation does really get to me then my willpower is not enough and has to make way for expressing grief and pain for all that I have lost.

Hi Gareth,
The sun was glorious yesterday, today there is none not a glimpse of sun.
A party while you are here would be brilliant hope it can happen.

Hi Webster,
It felt better after crying and talking to Richie, a big cuddle also helped.
You are right letting tears out and talking to Richie was good.
I did feel much better afterwards.
A party would be really good hope it happens next month.

Thanks everyone for coming by.
Have a good day.