Friday, August 20, 2010

It Is Only Business.

Berthe Morisot.

Today the cloud cover lifted to reveal blue skies and gorgeous sunshine which makes such a difference to the day.

Was told by several people that tomorrow, Saturday will be lovely weather with a temperature of 25 c

Today Richie looked at the weather forecast and it says that from tomorrow there will be four days of rain.

Richie has had to go out and get some shopping as the fruit he had for my fruit shake had become mouldy overnight.

He had made a shake but as soon as I took a sip I tasted that it was not ok, at first Richie did not taste it.

When I took a second sip which again was no good he tasted it again and agrees with me that I was right.

As there was no more fruit Richie has zipped off on his bike to get more fruit and vegetables.

Hope he won’t be to long as I would like to go outside at 15.00 today, really want to get to the market this afternoon.

Especially if instead of a glorious summer day tomorrow it is going to be rain all day, need to enjoy what we have today.

Today I was rung up by Michelle, my mobility aids advisor to make an appointment next week Wednesday.

This is for Michelle to come here with Harm, an engineer from Welzorg, mobility aid supplier, to measure for a wheelchair table.

Am always amazed how many times they have to come by and how many measurements are taken before there is a result.

Trying to stay optimistic and hope that the table saga which has been going on since the end of May will son finally be resolved.

Will be at my best when they are here next week, I always keep in mind Richie’s good advice to at all times remember it is only business.

This does help me to not get too upset and invest my time and energy in such an enterprise which would only succeed in draining me.

These days I would rather put my energies into making my life better rather than worse because I have let their business get to me.

For me it is very personal for them it is their work, hence it is good for me to remember ‘’ It is only business’’.

Happy Days.


Tracey's Life said...

Hi Herrad,

Yes sadly for some it is only a business, but sometimes those same people needed to be reminded that there is very much a human factor WAITING on them. Sometimes I have found that those people cannot seem to understand that they are putting your life on hold. Sometimes they need a gentle reminder that your wheelchair is YOUR mobility and your "legs". It makes me angry when they cannot seem to fathom that concept. I know that anger doesn't get me anywhere, but I am able to empathize with those that require their customized wheelchairs in order to have a life outside of bed.

I am sending you good thoughts.

Stephany said...

Yes Herrad, but when we are on the other side of "only business" it is hard to remain non emotional and business like.


Webster said...

Yes Herrad, It's only business. But also, the squeaky wheel gets the grease! It is unacceptable for them to take their time on (seemingly) simple things! In real business, where there is competition, you could go else where, but in this case you can't, am I right? We have similar problems with government- run programs.

Herrad said...

Hi Tracey,
I agree with everything you said in your comment.
The human factor escapes people and they behave like it could not happen to them.

Hi Stephany,
It is very hard to remain non emotional very difficult but with these two I will do my best to stop an outburst of rage.

Hi Webster,
You are right, spot on for us we do not have the choice to give our custom to the most efficient.

Thanks you three lovely friends for visiting.
Good to see your comments.
Have a pleasant weekend.