Thursday, August 26, 2010

Looking Forward.

Constance Stubbs (1927-)

Spent all afternoon until 19.45 this evening, sitting in the front room with Richie and the dogs which was very pleasant indeed.

We were all feeling slightly dozy and not our usual lively selves I think because it was such a grey day today.

We both got woken up a few times during the night by heavy rain, it rained all night and most of the day.

Sadly the heavy rain seems to have wrecked all of our very pretty flowers that Richie got last month.

They have been looking so lovely and now most of the flowers are either smashed or squashed.

Shame was hoping to enjoy them for awhile longer, with no prospect of sun the plants won’t revive and perhaps will not be alive for much longer now summer is so clearly well over.

Today really feels like an autumn day and looking out of the windows in the front room I could see that the leaves on the trees are starting to look like they will drop of very soon now.

Looking forward to our friends Gareth and Paul coming Amsterdam next month be good to see them.

They will be staying here with us for a few days during their visit as well as with a couple of other friends.

Be brilliant to have them stay here with us, nicer than them popping by for a few visits, Richie is going to tidy up our spare room and get it ready for our friends visit.

We are going to have a party on Friday 17 September while they are in town; the party is exactly six months after my birthday.

That is not the reason for the party; we are having one to celebrate me being able to sit again and also because we have not had one since my birthday party on 17 March 2008.

Also nice to do while Gareth and Paul are here, really looking forward to having the party very much.


gareth said...

watcha Folks Great to read about sitting for longer periods must be wonderful to sit with Richie and the Doggies even though the weather has been awfull, here to. A PARTY sounds wonderful will bring some nice mix Cds a friend is sending us. Hope to ring you in the Morning before we go to my folks


Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
It is brilliant sitting again, look forward to seeing you both soon.

Webster said...

So sorry about your flowers! What a shame, but oh well. You are sitting in with Richie and the Doggies, and the Fall weather is so refreshing! (I'm just putting another spin to the early change of seasons; isn't reframing a wonderful thing?).

Have a good day, Herrad.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Nice to hear you are making fun plans! Have a great week!Love, Mary

soulful sepulcher said...

Hi Herrad,

That will be a great visit and I'm glad you are all having a party! I'm positive the menu will be top notch created by Richie!

Have fun


Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
Shame about the flowers and the never ending torrential downpour.
Refreshingly cool so cold we had the heating on briefly this morning.

Hi Mary,
Making plans is good fun.

Hi Stephany,
Richie is planning lots of good things such as fresh bread rolls, cheese selection, humus, guacamole, several quiches and salad and cup cakes and a chocolate cake.
And homemade crisps and olives and peanuts roasted in the oven.
Not a bad spread.

Thanks you three dear friends for coming by, hope you have a pleasant weekend.