Friday, August 06, 2010

Great Sitting Again In My Wheelchair.

Hibiscus and Orchids in my bedroom.

Today Richie confirmed that the skin had healed so I wanted to sit immediately in my wheelchair.

Which I did for 40 wonderful minutes; while I did my leg exercises with the Motomed, it was great sitting in the wheelchair.

Much better than desperately trying to sit up in the shower chair, which causes enormous strain to my arms and shoulders and is very painful afterwards.

While I was doing my exercises we talked to our general practitioner, Doctor van Wijngaarden who popped by to see me.

She waved happily at me as she came down the road on her bicycle, and expressed her delight at seeing me out of bed for the first time since 2008..

She was very happy to see me sitting again, as she said she had been very concerned as to whether I would be able to sit again after such a long time lying down.

It was excellent being n the front room, it looks great now Richie has moved the table closer to the kitchen area.

It gives me more room to move, my Motomed is at the window by Marlene’s bed, she likes it too.

Great looking up both the roads and enjoying the new plants Richie bought yesterday on th e window ledges.

Brilliant that my skin has healed again so quick, just like Ton said, sadly I forgot to talk to Ton on Wednesday about the length of the time that I can sit.

Remembered this yesterday afternoon but only asked if I had to build up the sitting time again.

Ton mailed back yes and then must have gone home as I could not get him either by mail or on the phone to ask how long I could start sitting for.

It will be very tempting to go out tomorrow to the market especially if the weather is good but I will build up the time again.

Guess we will play it safe, feel abit disappointed that I can't go to the market this Saturday as I so want to go there as soon as I can.

Richie says that as I sat for 40 minutes with no sign of any problems that I could try double tomorrow or maybe even one hour and thirty minutes

And then if there is no signs of redness or damage gradually increase it so that I should be able to get there by Thursday next week.

I will check with Ton on Wednesday just to make sure, but think that seeing as I had recently built up my sitting time to four hours that this will be possible to achieve by next week.

Feeling very happy today now I have had forty minutes in my electric wheelchair.


Have Myelin? said...

I am so glad to hear of this! =)

Now you can spread your smiles around in a different way.

Stephany said...

Fantastic Herrad!!

This is really great for you, and glad you can see different views now, other than that from bed.

Have a nice weekend


gareth said...

Hi Folks, what wonderfull news. must be great to sit by the windows and enjoy the views while doing the exercises. The flowers look flowertastic. enjoy ya weekend hope the sunshines BIG LOVE@ STRENGTH GXXX

Cranky said...

Herrad - how wonderful! I think Richie's suggestions re time make a lot of sense. To market next week!

Love - cranky

awb said...

Damn good to hear!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Wonderful! have a great weekend. Love, Mary

Kris said...

This is such great news! I love your new blog design too! Anything you need, blog buttons, cute icons, I can design stuff for you, just ask.

I will make a trip to the post office hopefully tomorrow to ship out some goodies for you!

Is it hot by you? It's still so hot in NYC!

xxoo, Kris

Amrita said...

So happy to hear this. Love your orchids

Webster said...

Oh, what excellent news, Herrad! To market next Thursday, and sitting by the window everyday will be wonderful. Still, best to appreciate it one day at a time.

Herrad said...

Hi Sherry,
It is wonderful, thanks for your sweet comment.
Big smiles to you.

Hi Stephany,
It good sitting in the front room and being able to look up the road.
Suddenly there is more room for me to move in.
The new plants are gorgeous.

Hi Gareth
Its brilliant that I can sit right by the window, I enjoy looking up the Lootsstraat and Jacob van Lennepstraat.
The new plants are lovely.

Hi Cranky,
How lovely to see your comment.
You are right by Thursday I will have built up my sitting time and can get to and around the market and home with no stress.

Hi Andy,
It is better than I thought, much better yippee!

Hi Mary,
Thanks, hope your weekend is a pleasant one.

Hi Kris,
I agree it is brilliant news
Love the idea of blog buttons and icons.
Yippee looking forward to the post from New York.

Hi Amrita,
Lovely to see your comment, glad you liked the orchids,the photo did not do justice to how pretty the orchids are.

Hi Webster,
Sitting by the window is good, Marleen loves me being by her bed.
And market on Thursday is a lovely perspective.

Thanks you nine dear friends for coming by and making this dreary rainy day so pleasant.
Glad it is raining not so tempting to go to the market in pouring rain.
Have a pleasant weekend.