Monday, August 30, 2010

Exciting Visit This Afternoon.

Edouard Manet.

Have been asked by my physiotherapist for information about Sativex, she goes to someone else with MS who is interested in using Sativex.

This is not available here as we have access to weed both from the coffee shops as well as via a doctor’s prescription.

As all I know is that Sativex has extracts of cannabis in the spray and you spray it in your mouth.

Would have thought that vaporising weed would give you all the effect you would need, wonder what the other components of Sativex are and their effects.

Think I will suggest that this other client of Mathilde tries making weed cake or chocolates as eating weed has a different effect.

Yesterday it rained all day and all night, during the night there were huge gails, it sounded like all the vegetation was being blown away.

Our windows rattled and it felt like the building would fly away, made me think of Toto and whirlwinds.

This afternoon is going to be very exciting as the daughter of Jeannette, a good friend of mine, who now lives in New Zealand, will visit this afternoon.

Looking forward very much to meeting Heather, have heard so much about her and have enjoyed the annual family letter which she wrote for a number of years before going to University.


Have Myelin? said...

Yes, eating it has different effects. I have THC olive oil infused with herbs like basil, thyme, etc. that I use to pour over noodles or whatever on bad days. It is really good- Alex made it for me. Have meatballs made with THC butter too.

Have never tried Sativex nor have I spoken with anyone who has.

Have a good day Herrad!!!

soulful sepulcher said...

Hi Herrad,

Hope you have a nice pleasant visit. All I can say is Sherry can I come over for dinner!? lol


Herrad said...

Hi Sherry,
THC olive oil sounds very good so does the meatballs.
Great ideas.
How did Alex make the THC olive oil?

Hi Stephany,
The visit was very good, Heather is a lovely young woman, a credit to her parents.
Think I will join you for dinner at Sherry's.

Thanks to you two dear friends for your visits and comments.
Hope your week is good.