Monday, August 02, 2010

Still Looking Forward To Good Times.

Drive By Truckers

Sadly I have another open pressure sore so had to stop sitting right away yesterday until it heals again, hopefully before the end of summer.

My estimation is that this, like in January will take a few months so I guess summer will be well gone by then, but of course I still hope that it will heal before then.

Richie saw it when he showered me yesterday afternoon, we are both shattered by this discovery.

We are trying to regain our optimism which is difficult to do under these circumstances, both of us had a very bad night last night.

Every time I was nearly dropping off to sleep I would find myself thinking about this new wound and how it had happened and so quickly too.

This happened every time I woke up, each time I woke and each time I would try to focus on something else, would try to visualise a flower or a favourite place.

But each time I woke the first thing in my mind was the horror of another pressure sore in the same place.

What we both find very worrying is that we do not know how it happened; this is very worrying especially for Richie.

Had hoped to sit longer this time but after just three days I have to stay in bed until it heals again.

Sat exactly three times, the longest was four hours on Friday, each day there was no signs of there being anything wrong.

Hope that it heals up again soon and that I can sit for long enough to get out to see the market and other favourite places in Amsterdam.

We have plans to go to a Drive by Truckers gig at the Paradiso in November which would be brilliant for us both.

Really hope it can still happen, feeling very down today, what a difference a week can make, last Monday Richie confirmed that the skin damage had healed.

We were both very happy, looking forward to getting out of the apartment together and having a life outside.

This Monday I have an open wound and have to do my best to stay in the here and now and be optimistic.

Anything else would be not be good for either of us as we need to get through this with positivity.

Still looking forward to the good times that I hope are still to come.


Webster said...

Oh. My. God. No. Not. Again.

Herrad, You say positive. I'll do your crying for you. What could it possibly be? I know your skin is fragile, but another sore so soon? Are you sitting on sheepskin, or something similarly soft?

(((((Dear Herrad))))))) and what the heck, kisses too xxxxxxxxx

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
Please cry for me, I don't want to start may never stop.
I am sitting on a special foam adapted seat that holds me in place.
Love Herrad

soulful sepulcher said...


I'm so sorry, what a huge shock. I know you are devastated, keep visualing the flowers and favorite places.

We are and will be here for you during this wait period, try not to dwell on it, though I know how hard that will be.


Muffie said...

Oh, Herrad, I'm so sorry this has happened again. You said you're sitting on foam -- is it an "egg crate?" When my uncle was getting these wounds, I remember that the doctors suggested an egg crate cushion. I hope the healing time goes quickly, and that you'll soon be up and around again.

Have Myelin? said...

Oh no....

Have you thought about trying sheepskin?

I mean something is not working. Sheepskin might be a good option? I mean what can it be???

Bibliotekaren said...

((Herrad)) I'm so sorry to hear this. Oh bugger the forces of evil, or whatever, that are keeping you down! Gah. I really hope you can still claim a wee bit of summer.

Please try to keep the spirits up. You have folks around the world pulling for you.


Charisa said...

So sorry to hear this! I hope it heals quickly.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
It was a huge shock we were devastated and had a truly bad night on Sunday.
Very hard not to think about it and how it happened.

Hi Muffie,
I sit on a specially made seat and back, this is supposed to be better ,than roho cushion for pressure sores.

Hi Sherry,
I have a specially made seat that holds me in a good position and should stop wounds happening.
No room for anything between me and the seat.

Hi Donna,
I hope so too need sun for my poor skin, will get myself a lamp that reproduces natural sunlight.

Hi Charisa,
Thanks for your get well wishes, hope lit heals quick too.

Thanks you 5 lovely friends for coming by and supporting and encouraging me.
I am sitting on a specially made foam seat and back, this was shaped around me and supports me by. holding me in the right position.
It is the same technology they make and shape racing car drivers seats.
Ton is here tomorrow at

Gareth said...

AHHHHHHHH, my goodness so saddened to hear that its happened again, was lovley see the pics of you out and about. just stay your Optamistic and positive self and it will do what it will do but hopefully heal sooner than later. A Special BIG HUG to Richie BIG STREGTH @ HEALING LOVE @ HUGS GXXX

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
Thanks for your visit and lovely comment.
We hope that it will heal quickly too.
Big hugs to you too.