Wednesday, September 22, 2010

''Comeback Kid''


So aware these days of every little change that is taking place in my body because of the MS, notice things that I try to both register and ignore at the same time.

Can see very clearly, that spending so much time nearly two years in bed, because of the deep pressure sore has been extremely bad for my body.

Spending so much time in bed has weakened me considerably; I shall never regain the use of my muscles in my torso.

They have gone for good now; all that time in bed has turned them from muscle to ‘pudding’.

I can no longer sit up unaided, if I try with Richie’s help, I collapse to one side or another.

Sometimes I feel like any longer and I would look and feel like a collapsed Yorkshire pudding.

These two years have been lost to me in terms of mobility, getting around, having interactions with people outside of our apartment.

I have made lots of friends in the blog world and think that without their support and writing my blog things could and would be even worse.

Feel very much that these two years have weakened me and given the MS a chance to move in even more.

Hope very much that what has happened to me will not happen to anyone else; hope that no one else will get such a deep pressure wound.

All because the people who organised and supplied me with my electric wheelchair did not make sure the wheelchair was the right size and provided adequate support.

Neither of those things was done and my feedback. reservations and misgivings were ignored and I was told to give it some time to get used to the wheelchair.

Well I did that and 5 months after I got the wheelchair I had a virtual crater of a pressure sore, which was 10 cm deep as a result.

Coming back from that is difficult and has taken all my strength and will power and endurance and does so every day.

Amazingly there is life after such an event and I am that ‘’comeback kid’’ who intends to enjoy as many moments as possible while I can and I do.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.


awb said...

Comeback kid, now there's an understatement! Good luck Herrad.


Pretty Zesty said...

Hi Herrad!

Hope all is well. Stop by for an award!!

janis said...

You inspire me so much♥ I only have a second, as I am at the office & must get back to these pressing spreadsheets (I get caught up in the boredom, & feel sorry for myself, then read a posting from you and think, Good Golly! I whine? Really? Yet you never complain, you are gracious and admirable). I read this post to a co-worker. I told her how I ran across you a few months back and how even though we do not know each other physically, I love your spirited mind and am grateful for my blog friendship with you. You have taught me much about MS, Art, and Life. Although we do not agree upon some of the art you write & post, I have learned a new respect for it and the Artists, that I hardly gave a glance to before. You are across the world from me, I know little about you, yet I feel I do know you. You write amazingly and touch my heart & my mind. I keep you in my prayers and look forward to my continued friendship with the Comeback Kid:)

Herrad said...

Hi Andy,
Thanks and good luck to you too.

Hi Kris,
Thanks for your visit and award.

Hi Janis,
Thanks for your very sweet comment, I love sharing the art I find.Glad you like the art.

Thanks you three dear friends for coming by and leaving your comments.
Have a good day today.