Thursday, September 23, 2010

Enjoying The Moment.

Egon Schiele.

Yesterday was a lovely warm day, it was 22 c, went out with Richie and the dogs, did not have to wear any extra clothes just put a big pretty scarf around my neck.

It was really lovely being outside in the sun with my darling and our doggies, I enjoyed sitting in the sun.

At first when Richie suggested going out I almost did not want to go, mainly because of my painful arms.

It was good we went out as yesterday may have been the last warm sunny summer day this year.

My arms were extremely painful, I had to stop very often for a couple of minutes but each time I could carry on again.

The dogs get very excited whenever I go out with them; Spike and Marleen get quite energised walking next to my wheelchair.

A sweet sight the two little mad faces grinning and jostling each other to see which one gets to walk right next to me.

Sometimes they are quite a handful for Richie to deal with; they are very over excited when I am out with them and they have only eyes for me which is sweet.

This gives Richie abit more work as he can't rely on them seeing and responding as they normally do, eventually they do what he wants them to do.

They got so excited they peed all up the road making a visit to the dog toilet quite unnecessary when we finally got there.

Really glad we went out as I did enjoy being outside very much, nice to feel the sun and the air on my face.

Good to get out and enjoy the moment with my darling Richie, the love of my life, good to enjoy the moments with the man who means so much to me.


Webster said...

Oh, I am really happy that you got outside today. There will be at least a few more nice days before the rains come back for good. I'm pretty sure of that. Besides, that's why they invented sweaters! Do it while your hand still lets you.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
The trip out on Wedsnesday was very good, just in a long sleeved t-shirt and scarf, it was 22 c which was pleasant.
Thursday it rained all day with thunder and lightening all evening.
And today was nice and sunny so went out in my new fleece jacket as the wind was cool. Was very snug think that this autumn/winter I will be well wrapped up so will be out lots.
neeeed new jumpers bound to see some when out and a friend of a friend says she will knit for me too.