Thursday, September 09, 2010

Life Has Many Bright Spots.

Jan Vanmeer.

Since Monday we have had rain all day everyday, Monday night the wind got up and howled all night, this kept us awake for a great part of the night.

The rain also started during the night and only seems to have stopped today; right now the sun is trying to break through the cloud cover which is like a thick grey lid over the city.

So not exactly sunshine right now, but it is brighter than the last couple of days and that is really nice.

The prospect of sunshine is really giving me a big boost this morning; it is great seeing tiny patches of blue sky appearing as cloud rolls away.

Hope that the weather is pleasant this coming Saturday when my cousin Katrin comes to visit us on her way home to France after a family reunion in Germany this week.

Brilliant seeing Katrin on Saturday, really looking forward to seeing her again, she is my favourite cousin.

Next week our friends Gareth and Paul will be in Amsterdam for 10 days, they will stay with us for three days which is really good, looking forward to seeing them.

We are going to have a small party on Friday, 17 September from 18.00 to 23.00, really looking forward to this.

Richie is going to make some tasty treats such as quiches, salads, hummus, fruit salad, cakes and homemade crisps.

Living in the here and now of a brighter Thursday and looking forward to visits from good friends.

Life has many bright spots for me despite my disability and pain and I enjoy them all to the full.


gareth said...

Hi H , us getting all excited about our visit, have been copiying some Cds for the party on friday. We are so looking forward to hanging out with you folks Hoping the weather will brighten up But what ever the weather We will be Beaming with Sunshine.
Enjoy the vist from you cousin


Webster said...

Having a party and visitors sounds brilliant, Herrad. I hope lots of pictures are taken and you post a few here.

We too have had a little rain, but not so much as Amsterdam! Though it looks like Fall is here early as well.

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
We are getting excited too, hope the weather is good too but you are right whatever the weather there will be sunshine here.
Will en joy Katrin' s visit alot.

Hi Webster,
Looking forward to Katrin 's visit tomorrow and Gareth and Paul next week.
Will try and remember photos.
Yes autumn is really here but no worries I have a winter jacket, two fleece jumpers coming and a friend of a friend will knit a couple of jumpers and I am going to order a rain cape and a fleece cape for indoors and out and a fleece jacket and fingerless gloves for inside so should be all set up for many excursions outside soon.

Thanks you two dear friends for coming by.