Monday, September 13, 2010

Sometimes It Is Sunny.

Karel Appel.

Slept surprisingly well last night despite thinking about my mother and how awful she had treated me when I was a child and also as a teenager.

Not surprising that I started thinking about it all once Richie turned the light off, as we had been talking about my mother and the effect she had on me when I was still at home.

Realise more and more now that she was a very sad and disturbed woman, who never got the help she really needed.

Talking about this and other things with Richie has been very good and helped me to understand and put things in their proper perspective.

Glad that I was able to live through it and get away from home as soon as I could, when I look back now I am amazed that I did not get more hurt.

Instead it made me very strong; in some way living at home with my mother prepared me for just about anything even living with MS.

Eventually I went to sleep last night, despite getting caught up in thinking, although I did wake up at some point in the night, some THC soon helped me to carry on sleeping.

Until a horrible noise outside woke us up, felt regretful that the night was over so soon as I would have loved to have slept some more.

Today the weather has been a changeable day, mainly sunny but every now and then a big cloud would pass over the sun and it would get quite cool.

Then the sun would shine again and it was warm and lovely again until the next big cloud came along and covered the sun again.

Guess that sums up life sometimes it is sunny and sometimes not but it never remains the same.


Judy said...

I am glad you are finding some wisdom in forgiveness. And that there is sunshine and Richie to brighten your life.

Ana said...

Hi Herrad,
I want you to know that you are helping people.
I just found out that a person I know in Japan was diagnosed cancer and probably will need something strong to easy the pain.
I have a family member who used pot and you wrote some posts about it.
I gave your blog as a reference.
Thank you very much for sharing all you've been writing.
Hope you have a sunny day!

Pretty Zesty said...


I'm glad you liked them! I had no idea what to send so I just picked them out like it was a grab bag. I just have so many. The next idea I try to make I will definitely send your way! Have a great day!


Have Myelin? said...

Sometimes it's sunny, sometimes the clouds come. That's when we appreciate sun. =)

You teach us a lot, you know...

Have a good day Herrad.

Herrad said...

Hi Judy,
Feel very sorry for my mother now, she damaged not only our lives but also her own.
She had no self awareness whatsoever and thought everyone should revolve around her.
I certainly learned alot from living with her which has stood me in good stead ever since.
Richie is my sunshine for sure.

Hi Ana,
Thanks for that Ana I am happy that I can be helpful even now.
Pleasure sharing, glad you and others are reading, happy we all support each other.

Hi Kris,
I like them very much have worn three sets only the silver ones to go and that's tomorrow.
Thanks again for sending them to me, look forward to your next surprise.

Hi Sherry,
You are right about how and why we appreciate things.
Thanks for your comment, I do not plan to teach just to share with you all.

Thanks all you dear people for coming by, really appreciate your comments.