Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finding Friends.



Taking it easy today as my fingers are very stiff and painful and it is extremely difficult to type.

Think it maybe because the weather has changed and got cooler today as well as very wet.

Found an old friend from when I used to live in Reading, Berkshire, England, that is ages ago now as I left there in 1981.

Finding David on Face book was amazing; think it must be at least 15 years since we were last in touch.

Nice to find old friends again, it certainly set off a whole train of thoughts which has been pleasant.

Finding David also helped me find another friend Susan and her two lovely daughters Sophie and India.

Quite a special day finding old friends like David and Susan again, I am very happy that I have found them again.

We have already sent each other messages which is excellent, look forward to hearing more from them soon.

Funny finding David today, as I had almost given up hope of ever finding him again, and now I have feel very happy that I have.

Today it has been a dreadful day, grey cloudy and then it began to pour with rain, became quite a rainstorm precisely when Richie wanted to go out with the dogs.

Guess they will have to wait until tomorrow now unless it is dry now and Richie has the energy left to get on his bike and nip them around the park.

Sadly it is still raining; this must have been one of the wettest summers ever and one of the quickest, two weeks in August and that was it.

Well onward and upward, tomorrow our visitors will be here and Friday is our party really looking forward to both events.


Nancy said...

It's been so dry here, I would welcome a raindrop or two.

Great you found some long-lost friends!

Herrad said...

Hi Nancy,
Hope you get some rain soon.
We have had lots and lots of rain here, especially the last week or so.
Finding my friends is brilliant.