Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Who Knows Maybe All Will Go Well Soon.

Trini Art.

Gareth and Paul popped by yesterday for a cup of tea which was really nice; we listened to some singles Gareth had bought and some of Richie’s record collection too.

Sadly they left for the last time this visit to Amsterdam, at 16.30 and Michelle, my advisor from the local council came by to adjust the arm supports yet again.

It is not a good system, adjusting the arm supports and neck support is very tricky, takes time and lots of patience.

When finally adjusted the arm support will shift again very easily and be a pig to readjust to the right place again.

While she was her she told me, that she had talked to Johanneke on the 27 august about the need for her to check that the arm supports were in the correct position.

She was therefore amazed when I told her that last week Johanneke had told me the project had stagnated without mentioning that the reason for this was the fact she had not been round to check.

Friday this week she will finally come round to check the arm supports and once done and she has informed Michelle all is well, then Michelle can give the ok for the table to be made.

Really disappointed with the way this has all gone, the whole process started on 31 May and had already taken too long, without Johanneke adding an extra month on the project

Seeing Ludwine last week only served to remind me of what a wonderful occupational therapist she was, very attentive and very supportive to us both and always treated me as an equal.

On Friday I plan to let Johanneke know that I am very disappointed with the fact she did not make an appointment once she knew, she had to check before the table could be made.

Will emphasise that good communication is key, always had that with Ludwine, plus could she talk to me in her voice not the sugary voice for invalids.

Hope to have a constructive appointment this Friday and who knows if all goes well, the table might even be here this time next month.


steve said...

For some reason, this post tickled me. Oh, to be a fly on the wall!

Nancy said...

It sounds like a very frustrating project. I hope it is completed soon.

Herrad said...

Hi Steve,
I will aim to keep calm and cool and let Johanneke know honestly exactly what I think and how I feel.

Hi Nancy,
I hope too it is over very soon.

Thanks you two dear friends for coming
by, also thanks for your comments.
This has been draggingv on for months now, as always things get done at a snails pace and I have never got the things I need when I needed them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Herrad! Having trouble getting link here. then trouble posting without signing to wp first...all will go well soon...statistics...nothing stays the same forever...hope you get the armrests soon...
love you lots.

Herrad said...

Hi Juli,
Was just thinking of you so its great to see you have visited and get your comment.
How are you doing, hope well.
Hope life is getting better and the oil is being cleaned away.
Thanks for coming sorry to hear you had such a problem getting here and leaving a comment.
Have a pleasant day.

Have Myelin? said...

i hope it goes well! =)