Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Our Love For Each Other Is Stronger And Brighter Than Ever.

The salmon fisher. By Eilif Peterssen (1852–1928)

Got good supportive feedback about yesterdays post, the feedback and support that I get as a result of my blog is really wonderful.

I have met so many good people through the blog world and been given such a lot of friendship and support by them.

Getting and giving support is so very important for us all, I am glad that I too can give support to others.

Important for me to feel part of it all and to be able to offer friendship and support to other people too.

Friendship and support creates bonds between people and that is of crucial importance for us all right now.

Especially when faced with something as difficult as an incurable disease or anything that ‘cripples’ you and stops you from living your life as you used to.

Having Primary Progressive MS has totally changed my life and Richie’s life, how we are living now is so different now.

The salmon fisher. By Eilif Peterssen (1852–1928)

Being able to talk freely about anything with Richie really helps me to cope with my MS and it also helps me to stop being anxious, panicking, worrying, getting fearful and even helps me cope with getting depressed.

It is very difficult dealing with the fast progression of my MS, it is very difficult to cope with, and luckily for me I have Richie helping me.

His love and support make everything easier and better, it is so good to have him close by, Richie is absolutely invaluable to me.

It is great to see and feel that this dreadful disease has only made our love for each other stronger and brighter than ever.


Amrita said...

I second that haerrad. I have found such lovely friends all over th ew world, a shoulder to cry on, words of wisdom an d comfort, life lessons, advice, teaching and prayers through the blog world.

Richie is simply great.

Have Myelin? said...

You are very lucky to have each other. Most importantly, you are lucky you are able to talk to each other about your fears. So many are not able to do that. I think that's reassure each other that no matter what, love endures despite this horrible disease.

And yes we are all supporting each other....I come here to GET support and hopefully you GAIN some too. =) You are an inspiration to many!

Webster said...

Yea, Richie has been stellar throughout, hasn't he? He's been great taking care of you, and the doggies, and he's a wonderful cook to boot! Who could ask for more in a partner?

Herrad said...

Hi Amrita,
You are right the blog world is a good supportive place and Richie is brilliant.

Hi Sherry,
Agree we are lucky we can talk about anything with each other.
Glad we can support each other, you give me support and I give you support, that feels good. That's how it should be.

Hi Webster,
Richie is wonderful, thanks for noticing his shining qualities plus he is very rude, extremely funny and tells a good story.
Life is never dull with him around.

Thanks you three lovely friends for coming by.