Friday, September 03, 2010

Yesterday Was A Painful Day.

Jean-Francois Millet

Yesterday I had a lot of pain and discomfort, my arms and hands were unbearably painful and my hands kept clenching up into fists.

They were difficult to straighten out but Richie managed to get my fingers to relax and straighten by rubbing my fingers and hands gently.

Richie made me some good cakes yesterday; he put in dry cranberries and two sorts of raisins and flaked almonds.

The fifth ingredient was weed; Richie beat the mixture very well and placed paper cup cake cases on a patty baking tin.

I tasted one as soon as they were out of the oven and cool enough for me to eat, it was delicious.

I ate another one in the early evening and two more before it was time to sleep, they really did help me cope with the extra pain and discomfort I had yesterday.

Did not stop my spasms which started to happen as soon as the light was off and I was drifting off to sleep.

It is a nuisance that the moment I try to relax before sleeping, the spasms start, every time they stop I try to relax they happen again.

This happens over and again, the difference last night was that the cake made me very relaxed so I coped with the spasms.

The spasms were also not nearly as strong as they normally are and the cake made me able to pretty much ignore them.

At some point I fell asleep, something woke me before dawn but some THC vapour soon got me back to sleep.

Felt much better for a good nights sleep.


soulful sepulcher said...

Hi Herrad,

The cakes sound good and glad you have Richie and his support as well as chef capabilities to make pain coping goodies!


Have a pleasant Saturday!

Tracey's Life said...

Hi Herrad, have you looked into a Baclofen Pump at all? I am wondering if it might help you with some of the spasms? It is inserted into your abdomen, and the catheter goes directly to your spinal cord with a mini computer inside. They have to come out every 2-3 months to refill the pump, but that is the easy and painfree part. I am not sure if it is available in Europe, but my friend has received tremendous benefits from it.
The other cause of her spasms have been bladder stones that have to be removed.

Diane J Standiford said...

I tried weed brownies, didn't feel a thing. I am going to try more. Glad you are feeling better after sleep. Just think, 50 years ago that was what people with MS were told (30yrs ago) "Go home and get some rest." As if it were so simple.

Ana said...

Hope you get better soon. Spasms are terrible to cope.
Glad you find some relief.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
The cakes were very good, the fruit and almonds were a good contrast to the soft fluffy cake.
Richie´s cakes are excellent.

Hi Tracey
Thanks for your suggestion at the moment there is no way I would have a pump put into my body, what a horrible idea I think.
Do not like surgery and only for a serious reason, rather use other means first.

Hi Dianne,
Try another weed brownie it should make you feel relaxed nothing more spectacular than that.

Thanks you three dear friends for coming by.
Have as pleasant weekend.

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
The cake gave me enough relief so I could sleep.
Hope you get relief from your pain soon.
Thanks for coming by.

Have Myelin? said...

I'm glad the weed cakes worked for you Herrad. How horrible you had to be in such pain.

Diane, if the weed brownies did not work it is probably because of overheating or underheating. It is very easy to do.

I hope you have a pleasant weekend.