Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children.

Grace and Michelle.

Last night we watched an extremely upsetting program about Zimbabwe; it was heartbreaking to see how people were forced to live there.

They are in unsanitary shanty town camps lacking clean water; one young woman of 17 lived in an overturned car wreck covered with plastic to keep dry.

She lived there with her baby daughter, she like thousands of others were driven out of their homes and businesses by a clean up campaign.

This was a campaign of terror against the urban population who were supporters of Mugabe’s opposition.

Mugabe decided to dispossess those people, he deployed his forces against them, they bulldozed their homes, and they could only take what they could carry.

People are now forced to scratch a living out of dry barren land, or digging for bones or empty bottles or any rubbish that can be used again.

They are all malnourished, many of them have HIV/aids and they all often go without any food at all,

We saw how boys caught birds by putting homemade lime on branches; three of them had a bird each the size of a sparrow.

Which they took home to cook and share with their families, not much food just a tiny strip of meat each.

One boy Obert shared his with his grandmother; he was 12 but looked at least two years younger because of the lack of food.

Obert and other kids were panning for gold in the river, a dangerous occupation if the security people see them.

They set off everyday hoping to get enough to buy maize meal to feed the family and two dollars so they could go back to school.

Everyday they set off hopeful that they should go b back to school, the kids were intelligent and were keen to get an education.

Each day they would not find any gold and only managed to take home whatever they could find, such as frogs, tiny fish and one time a handful of beans.

On the first day of school 1000 kids turned up at a ramshackle school all keen to learn, all totally aware that only education would change their dreadful lives.

The ones without money were allowed to be there for two days at the end of which those who did not have two dollars for the term had to leave.

800 had to go, the school had no books, no paper and were running out of chalk and no roof, teachers were not being paid.

Shocking state of affairs as Zimbabwe used to have the best education system in Africa; they also used to have good health care and sanitation.

Mugabe has ruined the country, all the wealth goes to him and his cronies, and he has displaced and killed thousands of people so he can stay in power.

It was an extremely heartbreaking film made by a South African woman, Xoliswa Sithole, the daughter of a trade union leader and ANC member.

She was sent there to get educated during the Apartheid regime in South Africa and was shocked to see what had become of the previously thriving fertile country.

The program is called Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children and people in the UK can see it on their iplayers.

Obert, Esther and the other children will be in my mind for a long time.


Pretty Zesty said...

Wow Herrad. So tragic and we don't hear about it enough. I will try and find this.

Ps. I am going to send you a package soon. I know I keep saying that.... ITS COMING!

Also. My friend is biking for MS this October. I wrote a little bit about it on the blog and mentioned you as well. I hope you are doing well.


Herrad said...

Hi Kris,
Good to see your comment, it was a very upsetting film, but good to be informed.
I will visit your blog and read your post.
Really looking forward to the small package shame you can't add a real bagel.
They sell them here but they are not real only baked not boiled which gives them the classic chewiness.
Thanks forcoming by.

Ana said...

Oh! I remember in 2003 when Iraq was bing invaded at BBC there was a day they showed how people were being beat.
I still have those images on my mind.
I sent e-mails to all Brazilians newspapers because they didn't say anything.
I phoned one of them and the mans said "we cannot do everything".
Mugabe is pure evil...
Yes Kris, we don't hear about it enough.
Thank you for publishing it Herrad.
You are doing your part.

Amrita said...

This is so heart breaking. In my country too people are suffering because of extreme poverty

Have Myelin? said...

Yes- I knew about it because I have a friend who lived in RSA and fled with his family in fear of their lives. He is now writing a book and he has spoken of Mugabe's cruelty....that's just the tip of the iceberg I'm afraid.

When the book is published I will let people know but he's been working on it a longggg time.

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
You are right Iraq and Zimbabwe can't be wiped from your memory.
They are too painful.
I understand why you won't forget the images from Iraq, I won't forget the children in the film ever either.

Hi Amrita,
Too many people are suffering while too few have all the money.
Mugabe has tasty treats flown in from Europe while Obert and his granny share one tiny sparrow.

The film about the forgotten children of Zimbabwe was very upsetting. Seeing people living like that with no hope was horrible.
Their lives do not matter to Mugabe who has thrown them away.
The children in the film all had great potential but unless things change soon they will also be thrown away.
Really hope that Mugabe dies soon so that the people can live.
Right now he is killing thousands by starvation, others he has murdered and he has his security services watching everything people do.
I won't be able to forget nor do I want to.
Thanks both of you for coming by.

Herrad said...

Hi Sherry,
Thanks for your visit and comment horrible to think that was just the tip of the iceberg.
Look forward to hearing when your friends book is published.

Ana said...

I explained wrong. These things move us so much that we don't write properly.
People were being spanked in Zimbabwe and the news only reported about Iraq.
All the details: a lost bullet in a window and everything.
But nothing about those people being spanked brutally in Zimbabwe.
Mugabe has already lost elections but... still there.
This is what I will never understand in this world: how these alliances that makes such a man in power is done.
We know that US and Europe are not away from this problem...

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
You are right about Iraq and Zimbabwe they are often too upsetting to be coherent about.
There is never anything about Mugabe and the situation of the people he is starving to death.
What a monster he is.
And you are right it is hard to understand why no country has taken action against Mugabe.
Why didn´t the US liberate the people of Zimbabwe.
They wanted to liberate Iraq´s oil gives them buckets full of money.

Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment.
Have a good day, hopefully with not too much pain.