Monday, September 06, 2010

I Need To Concentrate On The Positives In My Life And I Do.

Joseph Stannard.

The other day I had a moment of totally clarity where I did a sort of mental double take as I thought that there is really no need for me to worry about what is happening and what will happen.

No need at all as I can not alter the course of my MS, so wish that I could but I can not do anything to stop the inevitable progression of the disease.

What I can do though is make my life easier by not getting panicked and not worrying both those emotions are so draining, they take away too much of my valuable energy.

Those emotions are too negative and instead of helping me focus on the moment keep me worrying about what will happen.

It was good to realise again that I can focus on the positives in my life and not the negative aspects.

This does not mean that I won’t recognise what is happening because I do; I am very much a realist.

Do not want to swap worrying and fabricate an illusion where nothing is wrong, not that I can do that as my body is a stark reminder of the effects of my MS.

As soon as I yawn my arms get all cramped up, so waking up and yawning makes for a horrible few seconds of being stuck as my arms weld themselves together.

My arm exercises help me to straighten my arms and use my hands, two very important functions for me.

Recently bee getting upset at the thought that my arms and hands will soon not be functioning well or maybe not at all.

How will I/we manage when that happens is a question that I can not answer now, I am sure we will see how to manage it when it happens.

For now my arms and hands work, typing is becoming frustrating as my little fingers constantly touch letter and numbers that I had not intended to.

Makes for a lot of editing but that does not bother me, I am glad and happy to be here, to be able to share my daily story in my blog.

The sun is shining just now and I am listening to some good classical music on BBC Radio 3, so much better than having to listen to gossip or about the Blitz on the other channels.

A sunny day like today makes all the difference to how I feel and right here and right now I am feeling good.

Going to enjoy my day very much, especially now I have clarified things for myself once more.

Why fight against myself when right now I need to concentrate on the positives in my life and I do.


Radagast said...

Herad wrote:
"...No need at all [to worry about the MS] as I can not alter the course of my MS, so wish that I could but I can not do anything to stop the inevitable progression of the disease..."

This is a good thought, but may I add an embellishment?.. I would say "...I cannot perceive a way in which I can impact the direction the MS takes."

That may mean exactly the same as what you wrote, and then again it may not! You're right, in any case: the only thing that you can control is your reaction to what is happening, and the only logical choice is to choose to be upbeat.


Judy said...

I am also glad you are here to share your thoughts with us.

Herrad said...

Hi Matt,
I try to remain as positive as possible even if I am not always upbeat.
Difficult to do and sometimes it is good to cry.

Hi Judy,
I am glad everyday that I can share my thoughts with my blog friends.

Thanks both of you for coming by, appreciate your comments.

Radagast said...

Well, not being one to fight shy of borrowing shamelessly from my heroes, I would quote Paul Simon, in Cool Cool River:

"...And sometimes, even music cannot substitute for tears"


Webster said...

I, too, am happy that you share your days with us who read your blog. True happiness lies in relishing the present moment, whatever it brings. Glad you had a good sunny day to enjoy.

Herrad said...

Hi Matt,
What a lovely quote thanks for your comment.

Hi Webster,
Happy to share.
Yesterday was a a lovely sunny day, cold out of the sun, today it is raining and the cloud lid is back over the city.

Thanks both of you for coming by good to get your comments.
Love Herrad from rainy Amsterdam