Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Good Friend And Neighbour.

Today is a totally different day to how the weather was yesterday when the sky was blue and it was warm and sunny.

When I woke this morning it was a dismal and grey rainy day, an incredible contrast to what it had been like yesterday.

Sadly did not get outside yesterday as our ex neighbour Willes came by to visit us, was very good to see her again.

Even though we did not visit each other daily, we knew she was around, always abit of a buzz around Willes.

Miss her being in the building, the other neighbours are just not like her, it has been such a pleasure being neighbours for the last three years.

First really good neighbour since I lived in England, what I like about Willes is that she is very direct, very open and honest
What you see is what you get, she is not a prejudiced woman, on the contrary, she treats everyone exactly the same.

Great to have someone like her around, good to get to know her, yesterday we gave her a little present to let her know how much we appreciate her.

Nice to let friends know that they are appreciated and a very good thing to do especially yesterday with Willes.

She has been an outstanding neighbour and is a good friend.


Patrick@Caregivingly Yours said...

outstanding neighbors and good friends are treasures.

say hi to Richie for me!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Hilary said...

I've been very lucky to live in a neighbourhood where many of us on my street are good friends. It's truly a gift and I'm glad you have one such neighbour who is caring enough to remain friends even after her move.

Herrad said...

Hi Patrick,
I agree with you good neighbours and friends are treasures.

Hi Hilary,
You are very lucky to have such a friendly neihbourhood, neighbours that are good friends sounds wonderful to me.

Thanks both of you lovely people for visiting, good to see your comments.
Have a pleasant weekend.