Friday, September 17, 2010

Party Time Tonight.

Shinkichi Tajiri

Rained all night and was still pouring at 8.30 this morning and then at 10.00 the sun came outand everything looked wonderful.

Gareth and Paul went off for a walk in the Vondelpark and a coffee in the Blue Tea House in the park.

On their way back the clouds came back and it started to rain, luckily not as heavily as it had done during the night.

It is just about 15.30 now and every now and then there is a promise of sunshine which is immediately covered by thick clouds.

Today I do not mind what the weather does as here inside it is sunny with happy anticipation of the party this evening.

Richie has gone out to get bottles of proseccio and rum and some tahni for the humus and Gareth is cleaning the front room.

It is all happening here which is great feel quite excited about tonight, Webster is right saying ‘’ Anticipation is an underrated joy in life.’’

Have had a lot of pleasure all week looking forward to tonight and right now am finding it quite hard to concentrate.

Richie just arrived back with a bargain box of proseccio and a bottle of rum for rum punch, Trini style.

It is all happening here now, looking forward to getting out of bed again at 17.00 so that I am ready when people start arriving.

We have all the makings of a memorable party, shame that all our friends can not be here too that would be brilliant.

Two hours to go going to stop and post and relax.


S.S-O said...

hope u all have a GREAT time!!!

Bibliotekaren said...

Hope you had a fantastic party time!


Karen said...

Just stopped by on the suggestion from a friend. A party, what fun! What's the occasion? Prosecco is my favorite wine.

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad!

I hope the party was wildly wonderful!!

HUGS and hello to all

Herrad said...

Hi S.S-O,
We had a great time thanks.

Hi Donna,
It was very pleasant.

Hi Karen,
Nice to meet you, the party was to celebrate life, friendship and the facat that I can sit for 6 hours in my wheelchair.

Hi Stephany,
It was very good and everyone enjoyes it.

Thanks everyone for coming by.