Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rumours Of Sunshine.

Assger Jorn.

Yesterday was sunny which was nice for my cousin Katrin’s visit; she has been visiting twice a year since I had to stay in bed in August 2008.

Every time she was here it was cold, grey rainy and cloudy, so yesterday was very pleasant for her for a change.

It was something of a revelation for her, funny to think that there has never been nice weather here on any of her visits, apparently also never on earlier visits to Amsterdam either.

Seems she expects Amsterdam to be grey, cloudy and raining, guess we get a very changeable climate as we are so close to the sea here.

Wonderfully the mosquitoes seem to have stopped earlier this year probably because the summer was so bad.

Last year we were sleeping under our mosquito nets until November but this year we have not needed them since mid august.

Had a lot of pain and discomfort yesterday and last night, which was helped by lots of THC before Katrin’s visit and afterwards too.

Suddenly the temperature got very warm last night, strange for that to happen at night, it was around 20.00 that it became very uncomfortable for me.

Thought that I was having a problem with my catheter, Richie checked and it was working fine, had not slipped out of place or even moved.

Turned out to be then temperature and the fact that I was covered by my duvet, which is quite warm.

What a relief to find it was the outside temperature not my body going mad, great relief, took half a sleeping tablet last night as we were up late watching Match of The Day.

It worked well and I slept after 30 minutes until I woke up coughing early this morning Richie got up and gave me some chamomile throat spray and some THC.

The throat spray took the urge to cough away and the THC helped ease me back to sleep which was good for us all as it was 06.00 when I woke.

It is not such a nice day as yesterday but, it is brighter now so I turned the light out now, and there are rumours of sunshine which is very pleasant.


Libby said...

oh, i hope you get a sunny day! even if you don;t go out, it helps the mood!

Ana said...

Me too I'm waiting for the weather to get better. It's a little cold.
Have a great week Herrad!

Friko said...

hello dear Herrad,

Just as well you are not in the UK, today is drizzly and grey, a real misery day. Yesterday was only a bit better, at least it didn't drizzle all day.

Thank you for visiting.

Best wishes,


Herrad said...

Hi Libby,
It was bright briefly on Monday morning and then it poured also yesterday masses of rain.
Today started sunny until 18.00 when it started again.
You right sun helps alot.

Hi Ana,
Hope your weather gets better soon, but I am curious about your weather did not realise it got cold there.

Hi Friko,
Sounds like here too since Monday this week again.
Started sunny today and was very changeable and then its rained from 18.00 tonight and its still going strong.

Thanks to you three dear friends for coming by.