Saturday, July 09, 2011

It's A Pleasant Day Today.

Le cortège de Vénus 1949
Alberto Martini.

It’s a pleasant day today; my good friend Anja came by this afternoon, which was very nice, always good to see her.

She helped me with some administration, feels good to do this on time and in the post, nice to get these things done.

Richie has done some alterations to the cushion, it is much better now; he has taken some of the filling out of the cushion that stopped my right arm from moving.

There is abit more remodelling to be done, Richie will take some more filling out of the pillow end and put it under my left elbow, as that needs building up.

Brilliant Richie can remodel the support cushion; already it is so much better to use noticing the difference Richie made yesterday has changed everything positively.

It feels so much better to use the support cushion than it did right away, I am so fortunate to have Richie adjust it for me.                            

I am feeling relaxed now, Anja has gone home, Richie took the dogs to the park for some running and playing.  

While they are gone I can write my post and enjoy the sunshine on the street and the happy relaxed sounds from the street.

In awhile I shall watch some of the Women’s World Cup in Germany with Richie, we watched some last week which was very good.



Gareth said...

Hey there H@R,
Wow posability of a ground floor flat sounds GREAT, also nice to read that you can adjust the chusion yourselves. Hope you,ve had a pleasent evening. Us been enjoying the evening sun and pottering in the garden, still picking strwberries:)

cubanrick said...

Herrad,I am glad that you could have the appropriate adjustmwnts made!! I am also happy that you're having a pleasant day. take care my friend


KParthasarathi said...

Am glad that things are getting more comfortable thanks to the caring Ritchie.With some more remodelling you should be feeling much better.Hv a nice day with happy viewing

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
A ground floor with a garden wuld be wonderful.
Richie has done some vital remodelling.

Hi Ricky,
Richie has been great adjusting the cushion.
He has made life easier for me, good to be able to relax.

Hi KP,
Things are much better thanks to Richie's remodelling.
You are right with abit more I will feel even better.

Thanks you dear friends for coming by and leaving supportive comments which are good to see.

Webster said...

Really happy to hear that the cushions are easily modifiable and that Richie is able to do it, especially as he is very aware of what you need - and he LISTENS. How are you managing the warm fabric? I would think putting a cotton pillow case over them might help. In the Winter the warm fabric might be more comfortable.

Hope today is also a nice day for you two. It was lovely here today, but my patio is a mess.