Monday, July 18, 2011

Everything Will Get Sorted Out.

Mattia's Visions.
Norma Bessouet.
Waking this morning to discover that I could not hear anything with my right ear was not pleasant.

Richie cleaned it for me, we were both amazed how dirty my ears were, luckily I can hear once again.

Our doctor will come by on Thursday to syringe my ears; Richie thinks that would be the best, this too is the result of MS, as I can no longer clean my ears.

This will be the first time this is done, really hope it will clean my ears, as it would be great to hear clearly with both ears.

Now my right ear is working again, I feel better, not hearing anything clearly was worrying, quite upsetting actually.

I got a touch over dramatic, felt overwhelmed, my ears, my glasses are falling apart and I need someone from Welzorg to straighten the support bracket under the table.

None of these things are dramas, just for a moment they seemed to get to me, glad I remained calm.

Can see now that everything will get sorted out, one by one, now my right ear is ok I feel more confident.

Today’s weather has not helped; it is cool, gray, overcast and raining, the weather forecast is for cooler autumn weather and rain   


janis said...

How frightening! I did not realize so many things connect to MS.. It is such a cruel disease. We must find a cure.
love to you~

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
It was very scary, MS is really horrible.
You are right we need a cure now.

Nicole said...

I think they gave us permission to over react.

Herrad said...

Hi Nicole,
Thanks for reminding me I can over react an for coming by.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Hope your ears feel better. I am so sensitive in my head and neck area. Blamed it on being an Aries. When you have altered feelings below the neck, that can intensify head feelings. Have a great week. Love, Mary

KParthasarathi said...

It must be accumulated wax.The doctor should be able to remove it.I like your positive spirit that everything would get sorted out.
I wish and pray the weather gets pleasant for you there

Anonymous said...

For most people I suspect they are dramas, but you don't have the luxury...too much going on...~Mary

Kelli said...

I am so sorry that happened to you. Hopefully the doctor can stay on top of that now.
I too can let a few small things get to me. My anxiety really takes its toll. So glad you kept calm.
Love to you,