Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Testing Of The Support Cushion.

Cy Twombly.

Last night I used the new support cushion for the first time, after Richie reduced the size of the pillow.

Sleeping was difficult, I am well aware that I need to get used to every new bit of equipment, just hadn’t expected to be quite so enveloped by the cushion.

I shall give the support cushion lots of use before I say something about it to Johanneke, my occupational therapist or to Quattron.

Last night was a rotten night for me, lying with the support cushions all around me, which made me feel claustrophobic.

The material covering the large cushion is towelling which is too warm, I discovered that despite being totally surrounded by cushion, I still needed adjusting.

I was hoping to sleep well, especially after the support cushion was brought, sadly this did not happen.

I felt really tired but could not sleep, my arms were too high on the pillow which resulted in strained neck muscles and shoulders.

Plus despite being enveloped by cushion it could not stop my body moving or my pelvis twisting around, I am going to test it out thoroughly before giving my verdict.

Of course I was hoping it would be perfect, which it isn’t right now, but it can be in due course.

Dennis Klein from Quattron, Johanneke my occupational therapist, Quattron's support cushion


Stephany said...

UGH Herrad, I guess until it's used one wouldn't know how the benefit would be, but I sure hope you get good sleep tonight! I wonder if a pillow slip/case could be sewn to cover the towel cloth that is too hot?


Have Myelin? said...

I can see why you wouldn't like toweling fabric. Hmmm... interesting choice. I guess they're thinking of it being easy to wash but it sure doesn't sound "snuggly". One doesn't want it to be too hot or too cold...

I hate it when the restless nights come. I'm sorry you had one. =(

FrankandMary said...

I understand needing to adjust to it a bit, but strained neck muscles & shoulders might be something to discuss with Johanneke sooner rather than later.

I think all of your readers are bonding over shared disdain for this protracted cushion journey.

Webster said...

"Protracted cushion journey" is right! Sure you have free health care - but at what cost? I'm sorry the cushion isn't comfortable YET. What say they come with some snippers and fix it right at your place on their next visit? Or would that be too easy?

Hope you have a nice day anyway.

KParthasarathi said...

We take time to get adjusted to all new things but some become acceptable and some do not.I hope things will be better for you soon and you are able to sleep well,Herrad.
I will start getting your blog updates daily from now on.Thanks for the mail

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Richie is doing what he can, which has helped alot.
I hope to get cotton covers which are better in the summer.

Hi Sherry,
Toweling fabric is too warm in the summer and not pleasant on the skin.
I agree with you restless nights are horrible.

Hi Mary,
I shall be discussing this next week.
At night I get Richie to take it away, better sleeping without it.

Hi Webster,
That is a brilliant idea how to adjust the cushions, but sadly it won't be like that.
Probably have to wait until the 25th to make a new appointment with Quattron.

Hi KP,
Thanks for coming by,lovely to see your comment.
I agree with you getting used to things takes time.
I hope that it will all work out.

Thanks to you 5 dear friends for coming by, good to see your comments.
I am hopeful that everything will work out well with the cushion.