Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Use My Time And Energy To Enjoy My Life.

Lesbia Vent Dumois.

This morning Jacqueline, my case manager called me to talk about my air condition application.

Seems she had spoken to somebody from the department that gives the permission for such applications.

Apparently last week they already decided on a negative response, this was before I had even sent in my appeal.

I hope that they look at my appeal with an open mind, but they seem fixated on us having blinds as well as awning.

Blinds won’t work here because our windows are floor to ceiling, we have 11 such windows and we do not get much direct sunshine, not after 10 am.

Jacqueline says I should monitor the temperatures and include this information with my application for next year.

Oh well I shall put it out of my mind and not let it dominate my life, I have let that happen too often now,

It’s been good to think things through, to realise that getting worked up and upset is a huge waste of my time, energy.

Getting upset about things that I cannot influence or change is not what I want to use my time and energy on, I want to relax and enjoy everything I can enjoy.


janis said...

I wish I could bottle up some of the lovely breezes we had, or some of my air conditioning and send to you!
Love to you Herrad~

Kelli said...

Oh my. I had no idea you had no AC. What is wrong with those people? Blinds and awnings over AC.
I wish you luck with the next application.
Beautiful art choice today.

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
Thanks for your lovely thoughts, it makes me almost feel cooler.

Hi Kelli,
Thsnks for your comment, its amazing that my application has been turned down.
Glad you liked todday's art.

Thanks you two dear friends for coming by.

Gareth said...

Hi there H, shame about arco, but great that you can let it go and enjoy the Momment. Us off in the caravan for a few days to a friends 40th so will be spinning some tunes, will spin 1 for you folks:)
Love to You both @ doggies GX

Nicole said...

You definitely got your in a good place. No A/C? Hang in there.

KParthasarathi said...

I hope they do something on this.
But your line "Getting upset about things that I cannot influence or change is not what I want to use my time and energy on" appealed to me as the most desirable way to go about.

Webster said...

I guess you can count yourself lucky that this Summer doesn't seem to be as hot as last Summer. I don't understand the thinking of the people who are supposed to be helping the disabled in your country - (well, not just yours...). Like all insurance companies who gladly take your premiums every month, then pay pennies for what you need. What can we say but, "It is what it is."?

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
Best way to go isn't as there is nothing more I can do but appeal their decision.
I hope you both enjoy your caravan holiday.

Hi Nicole,
I will hang in, hope you do too.

Hi KP,
It really is the most agreeable way to go about things.
So good to see your comment.

Hi Webster,
You are right it is what it is, shame the attitude is not better, could result in people getting what they need when they need it.
That could save money I think.p

Thanks you 4 lovely people for coming by.