Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dark,Cool Rainy July Sunday

Bernard Dumaine

Today its another cool, grey, overcast rainy day, it could be any other time of the year, Richie says it reminds him of summer holidays camping during his childhood.

Memories of picnics in the car because it was too wet to get out, I remember them well, of sitting in cars with steamed up windows not being able to see much outside.

Remember well the arguments between my parents, the unpleasant silences, and my discomfort.

Funny how memories come back like that, I have many memories of going for day trips in England with my parents.

Of being quite worried the whole time, if my parents were having a good day the trip would be enjoyable otherwise I had to watch out.

I heard from friends here who are on a camping holiday now, that they have had lots of rain and it is very damp and cool.

I hope this coming week will be better weather for them, so they can have a relaxing time for their second weeks camping trip.

After the tragic news from Norway, of many lives lost, of youngsters having their lives snatched away.

Yesterday there was the sad news of the death of soul singer Amy Wine house; she was 27, a huge talent, of which only a fraction had been heard.

Such a waste of youth and talent, all of them are such a huge loss to their families, friends and communities.



janis said...

he Norway tragedy is just awful~ as well as poor Amy Winehouse... who tried unsuccessfully to get the help she needed.
As for rain...BRING IT BABY!
Hubby & I and ur old blind cat were just sitting on the front porch enjoying the first bit of rain we have seen in way too long. I swear I could almost see the trees & plants reach up embracing it. The smell of rain... especially after such horribly humid weather...ahhh. Although brief, I sit here loving the gentle breeze that has followed.

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
What happene in Norway is horerible, all those lives taken.
And Amy Winehouse is so very sad.
Glad to hear you are having rain again, how long didn'tit rain there, it sounds like months.
Here the weather has become autumnal whichr i a shame as the tempewrature has got much cooler.
Our summer is over for this year, even quicker than last year.

KParthasarathi said...

Why dwell upon sad news?They are already known to us through newspaper and TV.Have a nice day

Herrad said...

Hi KP,
Thanks for the reminder, you are right why go there again.