Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It Puts Everything Into A Better Perspective.

Lesbia Vent Dumios.

Today started sunny then got overcast and started to rain and by the end of the afternoon it was not so pleasant.

Marianne phoned to check it was ok for her to come by for a quick visit, I was delighted and she came here for a cup of tea.

Very nice to see her, it has been ages since I saw her, Marianne’s hours have changed so now she works from 10.00 to 18.00.

This means she can’t visit me in the afternoon anymore which is a shame as we used to enjoy our afternoon visits.

It used to be fun going to the market with her on a Tuesday afternoon; perhaps we will go there again soon.

It was good to see Marianne this evening and to see how well she looked, the dogs got very excited to see her.

So much so that Marleen jumped up on the sofa next to her and cuddled up to her, sadly as soon as Richie picked up his camera to take a photo she jumped off again.

A real shame as it would have been a great photo, typical of terriers not to cooperate at the last moment.

Since I have got the mediwiet last Thursday I have slept well every night which has been wonderful, it puts everything into a better perspective.


KParthasarathi said...

Nice to know that all is well and that you could sleep well.
Best wishes

Herrad said...

Hi KP,
Thanks for your visit, and your kind enquiry.
Yesterday was a good day, sleeping well again is wonderful.