Saturday, July 02, 2011

Put It Out Of My Mind.

Ballons, 1970.
Foni Tissens.
Still feel shattered by what should have happened but sadly didn’t happen yesterday, I had been looking forward to 1st July all week, and finally getting my support cushion.

I could not believe it when I phoned Quattron yesterday to hear that the support cushion had been sent, just not here but to the rehabilitation clinic on the Overtoom on Monday.

This was not the promise made to me by their representative Dennis Klein on 24th June, he assured me then that the cushion would be adjusted and back with me on 1st July.

I hope it has been adjusted as otherwise I will have to wait to get it after Dennis is back from his holiday on 25 July.

This process started on 26 January, looks like it maybe 6 months before I get the support cushion.

I hope that I will be pleasantly surprised and my Occupational therapist Johanneke will be back at work next week and will bring me the cushion.

That would be wonderful, almost do not believe that this situation will be successfully completed next week.

Even better if the height of the support cushion has been reduced, I am worried that the adjustment was not communicated just like where the cushion should have been delivered.

For now I will try and put it out of my mind and concentrate on enjoying the weekend by not thinking abut this until next week.


janis said...

oh Sweetie :(
Best to put it out of your mind like you said & look for something grand about the day..

nicole said...

Keep Moving Forward my friend.

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
I did and it worked for awhile, then I had to go back to bed, not having the support cushion has made sitting so difficult, almost impossible.

Hi Nicole,
I will do my best.

Thanks to you both for coming by.
Have a good day.

Webster said...

I am nearly shaking with ANGER over the repeated delays of these "service providers".

Is it better to put it out of your mind? Probably. Being in an upset state of mind is not good for anyone.

But I would want to FIRE Johanneke (Or kick her stupid ass to the curb) citing this as the straw that has severed any trust you had in her. But then, will the next OT be any better? Is the devil you know better than the devil you don't?

Damn it all to hell that you are in the situation you're in. It is so fucked up.

I want you to have the proper support so you can enjoy your Summer - and either get outside early, or late, when the weather is cooler.

Herrad, you have the patience of Job and my deepest respect. Doggy and Richie snuggles are called for in situations such as these.

P.S. Sorry about all the swearing - but I meant every word.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
Thanks for your angry, sweary rant excellent to see your comment.
I desperately need the cushion as I can no longer sit with the improvised support.
I am hanging to the left which is painful.
I hope tomorroew brings relief.
ps I am very angry.

Rhapsody B. said...

Goood lord this is the height of incompetence, what is wrong with these people? The complacency by which they deal with this issue is really untenable. Really are there no other avenues to explore? This is simply ridiculous. I am sorry you are experiencing this horror in slow motion.

It's just not right.
Keep your head up love.

Herrad said...

Hi Rhapsody,
Thanks for your comment, I wish there were other avenues to explore and I would explore them.
There is no understanding that progressive diseases need quick responses.
I shall try to keep positive.

Wheelchair Bird said...

Thank you for the Sunshine Award! I am sorry that I don't know how to retrieve it or pass it. I hope you are having a comfortable day today.


Herrad said...

Hi Robin,

Thanks for your visit.

Please find the post @

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Then select the people you want to give the award to, the rules are in my post of 14 June.

You can put award in your sidebar with my name, the person who gave it to you with link to my blog.

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If still in doubt have a good look at the award post.