Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hindsight Is A Great Thing.

Miguel Cubiles.

I recently discovered that the passing of time no longer worries me, the days of the week flash by me in bed or wheelchair.

Time passes, the days they go by extremely quick, weeks zoom past, it used to concern me, not now.

Now I that I do not need to do anything but enjoy my life, it may not be as full a life as I once had before MS incapacitated me, but it’s mine.

Somehow having this horrible disease means that life is now more precious to me than ever before.

I spent too much time worrying about what was going to happen next, I can see now that spending so much time worrying about the future was a waste of my time.

Much better to have enjoyed the moments, because they never come back, everyday is  unique, it will never be repeated.

I think it would have been better not to get so caught up in worrying about what was to come, that daily life got forgotten.

Hindsight is a great thing, if I knew then what I know now I would do everything differently, I would have enjoyed every moment I could.

Some good things have come out of this time, such as a determination not to reproach myself and to enjoy the here and now.



Sherri said...

this is a good reminder for all of us.... i have spent the last year since diagnosis worrying about what will come of me... but i can't do that... one day i won't be able to do what i can today so i need to enjoy and live and love...

blessings to you herrad said...

People who suffer from auto-immune disorders (rheumatoid arthritis, thyroiditis, etc.) often have fibromyalgia as an additional burden. Fatigue is actually one of the criteria for diagnosing fibromyalgia, at least with doctors in my acquaintance. Fatigue at this time of year can be influenced by diminished sunlight, changes in barometric pressure, and certainly by the stress that ironically comes from the fatigue to begin with. It's a vicious cycle. Many women I’ve known with fibromyalgia are helped by exercise–but this is a totally individual decision. Almost all the women I know with the condition are helped by sunlight and some fresh fruit and vegetables. Have you considered investing in a juicer–either a citrus or vegetable? Juicing can be a costly therapy, but if you buy juiceable produce, you *may* find a great deal of relief. The greatest source of relief I’ve found for the unbearable muscle pain is citrus fruit, and if you can afford to juice, say, a bag of sale oranges, the relief may surprise you. Good luck and God Bless.

Karen said...

Hi Herrad,
I think enjoying the here and now is great advice for everyone, not just those with a chronic illness. No one really knows when their time will be up. For those of us with MS, I think we are more aware of how precious each day is though. I applaud your bravery and tenacity, and you inspire me to try to make the most of every minute I have.

Vicki said...

Hi there Herrad,
I totally understand what you are talking about with the passage of time. I no longer realize how much time has passed.

For example, it has been a long time since I visited your blog. I am sometimes surprised when I realize that I have missed reading essays written by my online friends.

This one is a nice post. You remind us to appreciate the life we have. This is my life, and I like it.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I still believe you get more enjoyment out of life than many people who have more mobility & health than you do. ~Mary

Webster said...

You're so right. Worrying is no good. If you "plan for the worst and hope for the best" you're all set.

Much better to spend you time anticipating ... a nice smoothie that Richie will fix for you, the first home-grown tomato of the season, sitting outside in your new apartment garden (lol). So much better than worry.

Herrad said...

'Hi Sherri,
Thanks for your visit, you are right to use everything you have before you can't.

Hi Pharmaspider,
We have a juicer, its a great machine we love drinking fruit and vegetable juice.

Hi Karen,
You are right its good advice for anyone, perhaps we are lucky to be aware that each moment is special.

Hi Vicki,
Lovely to see your comment, no matter how long its always good to see your words.

Hi Mary,
I try to enjoy as much as I can and you are right I do enjoy.

Hi Webster,
Anticipating sounds better than worrying.
I prefer anticipation.
Much,much better than worrying

Thanks to my 6 lovely friends for coming by, good to see your messages.
Have a good day.

Rhapsody B. said...

I beg to differ, had you known then what you know now, you would not have known what to do with it, yourself or how to cherish each moment because they woman you are today, you were not yesterday. This knowledge this insight comes as a result of growth in self and life. Cast away the would haves, should haves, if onlys, they are mere hyposis of what may have been had you have known when in truth you can no more say what you would have done then with the knowledge than you can say what you would do then years from now in a moment just like this. Knowing isn't always doing, it doesn't guarantee growth or movement, it is simply knowing. We move, implement, transform only when we are ready emotionally, psychologically and spiritually somethings that happens at knowing, sometimes not.

my regards to richie

stay blessed.

KParthasarathi said...

Dear Herrad,
This is a wonderful post with a message that every one should imbibe and practise.Enjoying the moment by counting the blessings available then is the recipe for a happy life in whatever circumstance one is placed.

janis said...

You inspire me every day~ Love you Herrad♥

Herrad said...

Hi Rhapsody,
I am glad you differed, thats good because it has got me thinking.
I guess I was saying I wish I had done more while I could.

Hi KP,
You are right being aware of the good things in ones life is important.

Hi Janis,
I love you too, thanks for popping by.

Thanks to you 3 dear friends for coming by, it is good to get your comments.