Friday, July 15, 2011

Never Be My Favourite Moment.

Shoji Ueda 'Composition' (1937)
Image courtesy of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

Kansuke Yamamoto.

Summer seems to have come back; sunshine and blue skies are gorgeous as are the happy street noises drifting in the open windows.

Richie is going to get me out of bed quickly because I had a huge spasm just as he was leaving to go shopping.

It means I need to go to the toilet; the spasm and subsequent feelings of something about to happen are an urgent warning.

Neither of us wants me to have an accident in bed; Richie put the heating on right away so we can go.

 Richie got me into the bathroom, sadly I pooed on the floor as soon as he pulled off my underpants.

This has happened so often now, luckily I am no longer ashamed, now I know Richie will shower me and I will feel better again.

It will never be my favourite moment, but it is good to know Richie will sort everything out.

Seems that every week there is one day where I have one huge bowel movement, often starts to happen without any warning.

This is obviously happens because I can’t walk, don’t have good muscle control; don’t process food as efficiently, all because of my MS.


Peace Be With You said...

I am so glad you have Richie but so sorry accidents like this have to happen at all.

Herrad said...

Hi Judy,
Thanks for your visit, it is good to see your comment.
Richie makes it better, he is very good for me.
Him being so calm about it has helped me to stay calm.
I too wish it didn't happen but it does.
Important to keep calm.
Have a good weekend.

Webster said...

I, too, get little, if any, warning. And I am still moving around - well, a little, anyway. It does make me nervous when I am going somewhere and I know I haven't had a BM in two days! So for only accidents for me have happened at home, where it can be handled discreetly.

And then, all is well when it's over. I'm glad Richie can take these things in stride with you. That is magnificent - and I know that many mates cannot, so kudos to Richie!!

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
Must be horrible feeling not having a bm for two days and going somewhere.
Richie is brillint which means I stay calm, well quite calm.
I will show him your comment.