Tuesday, July 26, 2011


After waiting for over two weeks for the appointment from Welzorg, I got a call from them this morning to arrange an appointment.

The woman that called was very friendly, when she mentioned my falling out of the wheelchair, I recognised her voice.

I spoke to her when I called Welzorg, to thank them for their quick work unbending the bent table support on the wheelchair table.

She was amazed that I was calling her to thank her; she told me that she had never once been thanked in 5 years of working for Welzorg.

That is a shame, this convinced me that thanking people was a good thing to do; I have no problems complaining, so I need to be aware that saying thank you is good.

It is important, not just to complain but to remember to say thank you, when it is in order, this morning’s call from Welzorg was proof that making that call was well worth it.

Nice to get a friendly call, especially from Welzorg who are not known for being a friendly company.

Today I got a mail from Maurits, my occupational therapist; he is standing during Johanneke’s illness.

He has made an appointment with Quattron’s Dennis Klein, to see what adjustments still need to be made, so that the support cushion will support me adequately.


cubanrick said...

that is so true Herrad, I have to remember to be more thankful and appreciative some times!!

I hope you are well


Herrad said...

Hi Ricky,
Thanks for coming by,it is good to remember to show appreciation.
All makes life pleasanter.
Have a good day/evening.

Patrick said...

The 'thank you note' has become a lost art of the 20th Century. You are so right a simple call back to say thanks works wonders!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Herrad said...

Hi Patrick,
It really works wonders, as I experienced today.
Thanks for coming by.

nicole said...

Thank you for that nice reminder!

Herrad said...

Hi Nicole,
It was good to remind myself too,thanks for your visit.