Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tragedy In Norway.

No Man's Land, 2002.

Yesterday was one of those days when violent spasms alerted us that I needed to be taken to the toilet.

Seems to happen at least once a week, Richie described MS turning me into python woman, I eat get a tummy and have a huge bowel movement every few days.

He has painted a charming picture of me lying in bed with a protruding stomach, a lovely image.

It Saturday again, I have been enjoying having another relaxed start to the day, it is noticeable how much better I am sleeping since getting the mediwiet.

I slept until 10 and did not even hear Richie moving around, an involuntary movement caused my whole body to contract, all my muscles tensed up in unison.

This happens everyday, today it happened too many times, one after the other which made sleeping exceedingly difficult.

I did my best but eventually gave up and called out to Richie, who I heard cry out in great distress.

Richie had just heard on the radio that the gunman in Norway had killed 84 kids on the island where they were attending summer camp.

What a terrible thing to happen, first the huge bomb blast, then killing kids, despicable acts of violence, he has wiped out a generation of youngsters setting out on their adult lives.


Patrick said...

Horrible news out of Norway! Yet I had to smile at Richie's phrase "python woman". Patti will often be the same way. Weird how MS works or doesn't work.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Gerry said...

Oh that is so terrible. You are probably feeling it worse that close. What possesses mad men to do such awful stuff?

Herrad said...

Hi Patrick,
I agree its horrible news from Norway.
Python woman does sum it up well.You are right its weird how ms effects people.

Hi Gerry,
Shocking news from Norway, such a peaceful country.
People will be traumatised for years.

Thanks you two dear friends for coming by.