Sunday, July 17, 2011

Laugher Is Good.

 Pierres, 1960.
Jean-Claude Fourneau.

We were up late again last night, neither of us could stop talking and laughing, Richie invariably will tell me a joke every night just as I am trying to swallow my baclofen tablets.

Swallowing tea is not compatible with laughing and nearly always results in me not being able too anything but laugh.

Often laughter can trigger off spasms and it makes my arms as well as hands go rigid, never realised before that laughter could be so painful.

It also upsets Cyril, whenever we laugh or are loud he gets worried, he leaps out of his bed and starts playing with his toys.

Perhaps he wants to distract us, to try to stop our laughter, it usually does the opposite makes us laugh even more.

Poor Cyril needs a cuddle which Richie provides, Cyril lies right against him, pressed up close and growls the whole time.

We have never had a dog like him before, we will probably never know whatever made Cyril so worried, all we can do is give him a good life now.

After 6 months here with us he is more relaxed, happy and seems to like his new life with us and Marleen.

In time he will be more relaxed and really enjoying life, we are happy that we gave Cyril a new life.


Amrita said...

Oh that 's good. Laugh together and never mind Cy.He will learn and will jump in too in his way

chib said...

Loughing increase longevity, I DO NOT KNOW FOR HOW MANY SECONDS!

Despite that it hurts you somehow, but just imagine life in pain while you are misery and alone, the problem is aggravated and in fact it becomes more painful both physically and mentally! At this time, depression will tell someone, you know.... life is meaningless....

Thanks a Lord, that you have someone and something to cherish you.

Wish you better life and God shower you with blessings,and one day you will run out of suffering and pains.
Good day Herrad!

KParthasarathi said...

I have this in my signature
"Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects".Never knew it could be painful too on rare occasions. I am sure a dose of laughter before you retire is beneficial.
Good to hear that Cyril is settling down and obviously enjoying the attention he gets from Richie.

Mike Donovan said...

I like the blog by various comments and good way to see this disease. The tips are good and I hope will help to relax my brother who suffers from this disease.

Mike Donovan

Herrad said...

Hi Amrita,
You are right Cyril will in time get used to us laughing an know it is ok.

Hi Chib,
I am sure laughter increases longevity.
Thanks for your kind words, I hope you have a good day.

Hi KP,
Laughter is good but sadly when I laugh my body cramps up which hurts, it does not stop me from laughing.p

Hi Mike,
Good to meet you, shame you do not have a blog.
I hope you have been able to find other blogs for information.

Thanks to you all for coming by, I was happy to see your comments.i