Monday, January 02, 2012

First Monday In 2012

Helen Frankenthaler.

I am starting this New Year feeling very positive and optimistic, for the first time in ages I don’t feel I have to make the best of things.

In fact I feel that I have plenty, there’s Richie, our love for each other, that’s top of my list.

Our friendship, we enjoy each others company, and we always have something to discuss, lovely to have found such a good friend.

Feeling good about myself, understanding finally that while a fully functional body is a joy, being so extremely handicapped as I am doesn’t make me any less of a human being or a woman.

Glad I have managed to work it out for myself, with the help from all my friends, who are also on my list, friends are so important.

All the people I know mean alot to me, sadly some contacts have been lost people move away, its life.

Since I moved to Amsterdam, I met many lovely people but never made the same sort of close friends, like I did in England.

Maybe it’s the language and the culture, but whatever it is I am happy to have good friends here too.

Feels good a new year, I am looking forward, always forwards never looking back.


janis said...

So glad to hear your upbeat tone! Here's to a glorious 2012.
love to you Richie & the pooches!

KParthasarathi said...

Your assuring post made me happy.Best wishes for a happier 2012 and beyond.

Karen said...

Starting the year off on a positive note is a great beginning! Wishing you, Richie and the dogs all the best in 2012!

Herrad said...

hi janis,
i hope your 2012 is gorgeous.

hi kp,
happy new year, i hope you enjoy a good one.

hi karen,
all the best to you and yours.

thanks for coming by,and for your comments.