Monday, January 30, 2012

enjoy going out as much as possible and have fun.

Edgar Ende.

Today happened much quicker than I thought it would, this occurs most weekends, they always end too soon

Last night I was convinced for some hours that it was Saturday after awhile I had to admit it was Sunday.

Funny how that always happened, it must be having been happening ever since I started work in 1969.

Oh well obviously something that just surprises me every week anew, it’s become a joke now which amuses me alot.

This has been a very pleasant Monday, my physiotherapy went well, a good session, but tiring.

 Afterwards I just wanted to take it easy and not do anything much apart from relax and enjoy the day With Richie and the dogs.

It’s become extremely cold; winter seems to be really starting now on February 1st.

Hopefully this winter period is over soon and spring will begin to start soon and I can go out and enjoy outside again.

Which I am really looking forward to very much, this year I intend to enjoy going out as much as possible and have fun.

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