Tuesday, January 24, 2012

that prospect makes me very happy.

Henri Goetz.

Had quite a tiring day, two appointments back to back, both with Maurits, occupational therapist.

The first with Annelies, the council’s mobility advisor/occupational therapist, good to see her again after her maternity leave.

We discussed other types of steering for me to remain able to steer the wheelchair when at home.

Funnily enough Maurits and Annelies are pushing this more than me; we don’t live in such a big place, so nowhere much to go.

With this big wheelchair the only thing I need do is get from bedroom to front room and back, outside Richie steers, which I m ok with.  .

The second appointment was with kees van roekel who will be making better support in bed.

Hopefully I will get the completed bed support in the very near future; it takes one week to make the first shell, then its tweaked and brought here to see if it’s good.

Then I get to try it out and make observations, any adjustments will be made and then it’s finished and I get it.

Basically I will be in a sort of cocoon that will support my torso once more, since being in bed deprived me of my torso muscles.

The main thing for me now is I will be supported in bed, so it will be possible for me to sit well in bed again, that prospect makes me very happy.

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