Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not Just Yet.

Valentine Hugo

Its lovely getting so much support and friendship from my blog friends, I do appreciate them so very much.

It is brilliant being able to be part of this dynamic interaction of people across the globe, sharing their thoughts.

Brilliant to have this blog so I can have my say, I feel very fortunate to have the ability to access the internet.

Especially without too many restrictions by the Dutch state, this is not the situation for many.

I guess that is why it’s very upsetting to have my failing hand function stop me from writing like I have been able to up to now.

Hate writing only short posts, I am finding it difficult to even write e-mails which is extremely frustrating.

Two comments yesterday by dear friend’s Sherry and Rhapsody helped me quite a lot.

Sherry reminded me’’you are stubborn. I like that about you. =) It keeps you going, that trait of yours. Makes you frustrated at times’’ and rhapsody told me ‘’the challenge is to keep hope alive and the spirit of positivity fuelled’’.

I will keep both in mind, I feel sure that I will try to keep going for  as long as I can and want to, at some point I guess its game over but not just yet.


soulful sepulcher said...

I agree Herrad, game not over! You're an inspiration and a feisty woman!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

You are my inspiration...I post when I can, read and comment when I can. When I cannot, everybody here accepts that. What a great worldwide group of friends. Many I met because I met you! Cool! Have a great week. Love, mary

Gareth said...

Greetings H@R, popping by and catching up on the blog. Keep up with the stubberness:) Not getting much time on comp as busy sanding and filling at the house. Took some more pics this evening will sort and send in e-mail tommorow. Sending HUGE LOVE@HUGS GXXX

Anonymous said...

I do believe you have quite a way to go until game-end. You inspire me to push right up against the limit of my abilities. ~Mary